Helpful Tips

Wednesday Early Release – Every Wednesday students arrive 2:20 earlier than their normal come home time. Dorothy Fox, Prune Hill, Helen Baller, Woodburn & Grass Valley elementary schools release at 12:10 Pm. Lacamas Lake Elementary releases at 12:25 Pm

Late Start – Scheduled late starts are for secondary students only, bus loads 2:00 hours later than the normal load time. Refer to the school district calendar for the scheduled days.

Inclement Weather Late Starts – All students board the bus 2 hours later than the normal pick up time. “Snow Days” will be communicated to parents through school messenger or by local media, and on the school website. This affects all students in the district.

New Propane bus 29-2


1.  Revised WAC Code 392-145-070 regarding rail road crossings. Click on the link to view the memorandum.   RR Crossing Memorandum OSPI 

2.  Four Lane Highway Bus Stops – In our District this applies to 3rd Ave where the bus stops frequently:


Drivers in Washington state are not required to stop for a school bus on any highway (Under Washington law, any public road is defined as a highway) with three or more lanes when traveling in the opposite direction. This has been interpreted to mean that when approaching a bus from the opposite direction on a normal road with a turn lane, or a road with two lanes in each direction, etc., a driver is not required to stop their vehicle. This is an unusual law, but arguably leads to a higher safety level for children, as they are then required to be dropped on the same side of the road as the bus exit on anything greater than a two-lane road as provided by RCW 46.61.370.


Four Lane Highway Pic


3.  Foggy mornings:  Please turn on your headlights and / or fog lights. It’s difficult to see vehicles as they pull through the fog that have no illumination.