Bus Rules


School Bus Safe Riding Rules


The mission of the Camas School District transportation department is to provide safe, responsible, and reliable transportation for all students.  Any behavior jeopardizing the safety of students and/or the driver will be sufficient cause to begin progressive discipline, which can include loss of bus riding privileges.

  1. All passengers will follow driver directions. The driver is responsible for the safety of the bus and all passengers.  When transporting classes or teams, the teacher or coach is primarily responsible for the students.
  2. To create a safe and respectful environment, students must observe classroom conduct while riding on buses. Students are expected to use quiet talking voices, keep hands, feet and objects to self, and refrain from teasing and using rude /obscene gestures or language.
  3. For their safety, students must sit on the seat, facing forward.
  4. When necessary, drivers have authority to assign seats.
  5. Students may put windows down no further than halfway with driver permission. Students must keep all body parts inside the bus windows at all times.
  6. Students must remain quiet at all railroad crossings.
  7. Due to food allergies and choking hazards, eating and drinking is not allowed on the bus. Students need to assist in keeping the bus clean.
  8. Students may only ride their assigned bus. If a student needs to ride to an alternate location, prior approval from the student’s school must be obtained and there must be room on the bus.  Any requests to change the route or bus stop location will be reviewed by the transportation office.
  9. To prevent injury, students will follow safe loading/unloading procedures. Students must only cross in front of the bus at the driver’s direction, never behind
  10. Electronics are an everyday part of the lives of our students. Headphones must be used with all electronic equipment.  The bus driver has the right to take away equipment which becomes a distraction or disruption on the bus.  The district is not responsible for broken or missing equipment.
  11. Students must refrain from carrying or possessing any items that may cause injury to other passengers. Such items include sticks, breakable or glass containers, weapons or firearms, pins protruding from clothing or bags, skateboards or large, bulky items that cannot be held on a lap or placed between the legs on the floor.  Flammables or illegal substances of any kind will not be allowed.
  12. Animals are not allowed on the bus with the exception of preapproved service animals.
  13. To ensure their safety, all kindergarten students must be received by a parent or guardian at their bus stop. If a parent or guardian is not present or cannot be reached, kindergarten students will be transported to the district daycare program.
  14. Emergency evacuation drills will be conducted twice a year.


Please read and review with your child(ren), and return this signed form to the bus driver.


STUDENT(S) NAME(S) ____________________________________________________________

SCHOOL _______________________________________________________________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE ____________________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________