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Call directly for all attendance concerns:
Phone: 360-833-5806

Washington State Law (RCW28A.225) requires parents/guardians to excuse their student’s absence within three days of the absence. Please contact our Attendance Secretary, Vicky Wood, by 10:00 am each day your student is absent. Parents/guardians can excuse students for absences and/or late arrivals/tardiness by the following means:

Contact Information:

  • Parent/Guardian In-Person to office staff
  • Email:
  • Message via Parent Square
  • Voicemail/phone: 360-833-5806 (24 Hour Phone line-Please leave a message)
  • Signed note
  • Medical Provider’s Note

Please include:

  • Student’s First and Last name
  • Student’s Grade
  • Date of Absence
  • Reason for Absence or Tardiness


Students are expected to be in their classroom by 9:00 a.m. each morning unless there is an emergency late start. If a student arrives at school after 9:00 a.m., without parent contact, they are considered unexcused/tardy.

Extended absence due to illness

If your student is absent for six (6) consecutive days or more due to illness or health conditions, the school will need a note from your doctor or health provider to excuse them on the 7th day and beyond. Students who are absent or tardy nine (9) days in a trimester or twenty (20) days of the school year will be required to have a doctor’s note to excuse further absences and tardies.

Automated Notification Service

An automated system will notify parents/guardians via email and/or phone call by 5 p.m. to report student absences. The absence will remain unexcused until it is cleared by a parent/guardian.

Returning To School

The student is responsible for requesting make-up work from the teacher upon their return to school

School Arranged Absences

An absence from class for a field trip or extracurricular activity is not counted as an absence from school.

The teacher or coach will provide advanced written notice of the students involved to administration, attendance, and other classroom teachers. Upon return to school, an admit slip for re-admittance into class is not required; however, the student is expected to make up the work missed due to the absence.

A student who does not attend the pre-arranged activity is required to attend school unless other arrangements are made by the teacher or coach. A student who does not attend school will be reported truant by the teacher/coach.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Schoolwork should take precedence over all other activities such as visiting, shopping, appointments, and trips. Family vacations are highly discouraged during the school year because it is difficult to make up what is missed in class.

  • If a student’s grades are below 2.0, the administrator can elect to not approve the pre-arranged absence.
  • In the event that your family must take a vacation during the school year, it is necessary to complete a pre-arranged absence form before the absence is to occur for it to qualify as an excused absence.
  • Parents need to notify the Attendance Office 3-5 days before the absence is to occur.
  • The Attendance Office will provide a pre-arranged absence form to the student. The completed form should be returned two days before the absence. This allows teachers to gather assignments. Students who do not complete the pre-arranged form may be marked unexcused.
  • Teachers from each class will document work to be made up and sign the form. (Work should be made up in advance whenever possible.)
  • An administrator will review the form and approve it if appropriate. The administrator has the right to deny a pre-arranged absence if the student has excessive absences and/or failing grades.
  • The form must be returned to the Attendance Office prior to the absence.
  • A copy of the signed form will be given to the student.



Notification of appointments should be made in advance. Music or other enrichment lessons should be arranged outside of school time. Parents/Guardians must sign students in/out at the Attendance Office before students may leave or return to school for any reason. A doctor’s office slip is preferred as proof of appointment and can be used in place of a parent’s signature upon a student’s return to school.

Perfect Attendance

Perfect attendance is defined as attending school every period of each school day for the calendar school year. If students are absent due to school-sponsored events, (e.g. field trips, pre-arranged school-to-work day, and activity or athletic events) they are considered “present” in school. Missed classes for doctor and dental appointments are excused absences but do not meet the requirements for perfect attendance.

Dropped From School

If a student is absent from school for twenty (20) consecutive school days without any contact from his/her parent, the school shall send to the parent a written notice of intent to withdraw the student from school unless, within five (5) additional school days from the date of mailing, the student returns to school or the parent contacts the school. The rights of students to seek re-admission after such withdrawal shall be in accordance with District policy.