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-A Simple Note from the ASB Advisor-

Dear Friends and Families of Skyridge Middle School,

Our 2018-19 ASB Team has been hard at work at Skyridge. In this leadership class students work as a team to organize and run activities that make our school and community a better place.  The heart of our group is based on a four tiered service model: Service to Self, Service to Humanity, Service to Environment and Service to Health & Wellness.  As productive citizens, we are using and honing our collaborative skills to make a positive impact.  In the process, we  learn and continue to develop the social, emotional and leadership skills that will help us be successful in life.  We are fortunate that our school and community supports and nurtures this growth.

When students are confident and content with who they are, they position themselves to reach out to support those around them.  The theme encompasses the idea that every individual has different characteristics, interests, perspectives, gifts and talents that should be celebrated.  Diversity makes us unique. Appreciating these differences in others sparks connections and fosters acceptance between students.

 The following are some of the activities that the ASB team plans that help build a community atmosphere and creates a cohesive student body: dances, spirit weeks, assembles, fundraising, food drives…  While spots on our team are limited, we do have a few open recruiting opportunities.  New 6th grade representatives will be added after interested students apply and go through the admittance process starting in late November and continuing into December. In late Spring, we conduct Officer and Commissioner Campaigns to replace the outgoing 8th grade Commissioners as they head onto high school. The new ASB Team will beginning their work in the Summer of 2019 to prepare for the next school year.

We are honored to work within and be a part of Skyridge Middle School.


Laura Richards and Dean Strawn

Skyridge ASB Advisors