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The school day consists of CORE, STAR, and FLEX classes. Students are expected to pass CORE classes to be promoted to the next grade.

CORE Classes: Students spend the majority of their day in CORE classes: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

STAR (Students Arts Related): Students are required to take year-long Health/Fitness.  Students may elect to enroll in a random rotation of three of the following: Art, Performance (drama and music), Technology, Spanish (6) and Robotics (7/8). Students have an additional option of enrolling in year-long Band, Choir, Spanish (7&8), Advanced Art (8), Advanced Technology (8).

Math Pathways: As a part of the forecasting process for mathematics, all students in the Camas School District will be placed in 6th grade math to begin.  Students may also challenge their math placement at the end of their sixth grade year by completing an application or teacher recommendation and taking a challenge assessment.  The nomination window will be advertised on the school and the district websites.  Based on the results of the assessments, students will be forecasted into one of the following:

Grade 6 Math – grade 6 standards and mathematical practices

Compacted Math 7/8 – grade 7 and grade 8 standards and mathematical practices

Algebra 1 – This course is offered for high school credit.

Geometry – This course is offered for high school credit.

More information regarding middle school math pathways can be found on the Camas School District website under the teaching and learning tab.

Hi- Cap Language Arts (Grades 6 & 7) Students who have been identified as Highly-Capable in language will be placed in specialized language arts classes with other Hi-Cap students.  Information regarding the nomination and selection process can be found on the Camas School District Highly Capable website.

Pre-AP Language Arts (Grade 8) At the eighth grade level, we use a more inclusive selection process for our advanced language arts classes as a precursor to the high school AP experience.  Seventh grade students who are interested in a rigorous language arts/social studies experience may enroll in the Pre-AP program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Successful performance in both the most current Washington state reading test and the district’s oral reading fluency assessment.
  •  A grade of “C” or better in their current Language Arts and Social Studies classes.

Students who are identified as highly capable in language arts (see above) will also be served in these Pre-AP classes.