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The school day consists of CORE, STAR, and FLEX classes. Students are expected to pass CORE classes to be promoted to the next grade.

CORE Classes: Students spend the majority of their day in CORE classes: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

STAR (Students Arts Related): Students are required to take year-long Health/Fitness.  Students may elect to enroll in a random rotation of three of the following: Art, Performance (drama and music), Technology, Spanish (6) and Robotics (7/8). Students have an additional option of enrolling in year-long Band, Choir, Spanish (7&8), Advanced Art (8), Advanced Technology (8).

Math Pathways: As a part of the forecasting process for mathematics, all students in the Camas School District will be placed in 6th-grade math to begin.  Students may challenge their math placement at the end of their sixth-grade year.  Those students will take an additional math class during Flex as a year-round class during the next school year. 

Hi- Capable (Grades 6 & 7) Students who have been identified as Highly-Capable will receive instruction that address the Common Core Standards at an accelerated pace and a deeper level of understanding. Seventh and eighth-grade students will continue in their HCP language arts pathway.

Information regarding the nomination and selection process can be found on the Camas School District Highly Capable website.