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Skyridge MS certified Level 3 Washington Green School

Washington Green Schools honored Skyridge Middle School with a Level 3 Washington Green School certification at Skyridge Middle School in Clark County at on April 22.

To achieve certification at Level 3, the Skyridge Green Team conducted a rigorous assessment of Healthy School Building practices. Their results indicated that the school community needed stronger education on healthy measures, and that the academic community could be sanitary and environmentally friendly.

As a result of this investigation, the Green Team began an educational campaign and replaced all of their antibacterial spray with an all-natural, environmentally responsible alternative. The Green Team also continues to maintain the changes that they have achieved in past certifications through the  implementation of recycling programs, no-idling zones, and student-led efforts to lessen Skyridge’s environmental footprint. Thanks to their efforts, Skyridge is now a healthier, more sustainable place!

The Skyridge Jazz Band kicked off the ceremony with a few snappy pieces.

“The beauty of this program is that it is the students who embrace it. Because of what they believe about being environmentally responsible, the school SOS station puts their philosophy into practice, daily,” said Skyridge teacher and Green Team leader Gayle Cooper. “These habits are then brought home. A Green Team kid’s parent said to me the other day, ‘We recycle at home because it was imposed on us by our son.’ Now that’s what we are about : changing the world one kid, one family, one piece of garbage at a time,” added Cooper.