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Skyridge 8th Grade Celebration

Family members are invited to attend our Skyridge 8th Grade Celebration scheduled on Tuesday, June 18, 2013. The ceremony will be held in our Tom Wallenborn Gym beginning at 8:15 AM with a reception following in our dining room.

Students will depart afterwards at 10:30 AM to Big Al’s via busses and continue their celebration.

Appropriate student attire is requested. For guys: Ties are optional. No hats. Pants need to cover boxers and underwear. For girls: Dresses are optional, but if worn must be appropriate in length (2″ past the fingertips). Tops must have at least a 1″ strap, be modest, and must cover all undergarments. If wearing heels, please be comfortable with walking in them. Students may bring casual clothes to change into prior to journeying to Big Al’s.