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Summer Projects

This year we are excited with the response from students and families for our Language Arts/Social Studies Pre-AP Class offerings. All students who have met the qualifications and received their notification letter, which will be mailed by the end of June, are required to complete a summer project by the first day of school, September 6, 2011. No late work will be accepted.

Summer projects are a fantastic way for students and their teachers to start the year off ready to discuss and learn together. The Pre-AP Language Arts/Social Studies class is structured to be an integrated learning environment, meaning students will practice and improve reading and writing skills through the content of history and social studies. The Summer Project is designed to prepare students for their first unit of study. Required reading is available at the public library, local bookstores and via the internet. Have a fantastic summer, we look forward to seeing some great Summer Projects September 6!


Sixth Grade Pre-AP Language Arts/Social Studies Project

Seventh Grade Pre-AP Language Arts/Social Studies Project

Eighth Grade Pre-AP Language Arts/Social Studies Project