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Energy Star Certified

Prune Hill Elementary School is a member of the District’s Energy Star family. Prune Hill earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.

January…Here’s What’s Happening!

January 7                             Welcome Back!

January 9                             Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

January 11                           January Birthday Table, by PTA

January 14                           CSD Board Meeting 5:30 at ZAC

January 15                           AIMSweb Testing

January 16                           Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

January 17                           MLK Assembly 9:30-10:15, PHE gym

January 21                           NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King, Jr Day

January 22                           Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

January 23                           Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

January 23                           Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

January 28                           NO SCHOOL – Secondary Grading Day

January 28                           CSD Board Meeting 5:30 at ZAC

January 29                           Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

January 30                           Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

January 30                           Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

January 31                           Jungle Week begins today in PE


SEVEN Prune Hill Essay Contest Winners!!



This morning, seven penguins were awarded recognition by the Veterans of Foreign Wars local chapter representatives. The essay prompt was: ‘How the American Flag Makes me Feel’.  We are very proud of these seven students! Of the 300 essay entries in the county, the following students were winners:
vfw alex yu

3rd grader Alexander was a 2nd place winner! (above)

vfw alexander baltzersen5th grader Alexander awarded 4th place!

vfw ayu kira

5th grader Ayu awarded 2nd place!

vfw derek heath

Derek was our 3rd place winner for 3rd grade!

VFW Group

Group photo of our winners with our local VFW representatives

vfw hannah peterson

Hannah was our 1st place winner in 3rd grade!

vfw kristen kim

Kristen, a 4th grader, was awarded 2nd place!

vfw madeline babb

Madeline was our 4th place winner in 3rd grade!

December Happenings!

Lots of activities, performances, and celebrations as we head into the holiday season!

December 3                        End of 1st Trimester

December 4                        Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

December 5                        5th Grade Water Quality Monitoring 8:15-11:15

December 5                        Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

December 5                        Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

December 5                        Run4Fun Pizza Party 12:15-2:30

December 5                        PTA General Membership Meeting 6:00-7:30 Library

December 7                        Stuff the Bus Pick up

December 7                        Birthday Table

December 7                        Choirs perform at Camas Hometown Holidays 6:45-                                                7:05

December 10                     CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 at ZAC

December 11                     Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

December 12                     Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

December 12                     Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

December 13                     Report cards go home in backpacks

December 17                     Holiday Choir Concert 5:30-6:30 at Grace                                                                   Foursquare Church

December 18                     Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

December 19                     Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

December 21                     Spirit Day/Pajama Day

December 21                     Box Tops due today

December 21                     Holiday Sing Along 9:45-10:15

Wishing each of our families a joyful holiday vacation!

November Happenings!

November Happenings at Prune Hill

November 1                       Picture Retakes 8:15-10:15 Cafeteria

November 1                       Run4Fun

November 1                       Science Olympiad 2:35-4:00 Cafeteria

November 2                       Birthday Table

November 4                       Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 5-9                   Book Fair all week 7:00-4:00 (except Thursday 7:00-                                              6:00)

November 5-9                   Conference Week, 12:10 Dismissal all week

November 6                       Choir Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

November 7                       5th Grade Water Quality Monitoring 8:15-11:15

November 7                       Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

November 9                       Veterans Day Assembly 8:30

November 9                       Science Olympiad 12:10-3:00

November 12                     NO SCHOOL-Veterans Day

November 13                     Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

November 13                     CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 at ZAC

November 14                     Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

November 14                     Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

November 14                     Parent Education Series, Session 1, 7:00 pm @ Discovery High School

November 16                     3rd Grade to Oregon Children’s Theatre 10:30-1:45

November 20                     Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

November 21-23                NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving break

November 26-30                Mail Town all week during PE classes

November 26                     CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 at ZAZ

November 27                     Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

November 28                     Art Card orders due

November 28                     Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

November 28                     Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

November 29                     Hearing Screenings 8:15-1:45

October Happenings at Prune Hill

October 2                            4th Grade to PUD (Barga & Coleman) 9:00-11:50

October 2                            Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

October 3                            5th Grade Water Quality Monitoring In Class Presentations 8:15-11:15

October 3                            2nd Grade to Downtown Camas 8:15-10:45

October 3                            4th Grade to PUD (Menor & Rakoski) 9:00-11:50

October 3                            Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

October 3                            Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

October 5                            Birthday Table

October 5                            Fall Family Fun Night 6:00-8:00

October 9                            Kinders to BiZi Farms Pumpkin Patch 11:15-1:45

October 9                            Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

October 10                          5th Grade Water Quality Monitoring 8:15-11:15

October 10                          Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

October 10                          Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

October 10                          PTA General Membership Meeting 6:00-7:00 Library

October 11                          Safety Assemblies, Grades 3-5 12:30-1:00, Grades K-2 1:00-1:30

October 12                          NO SCHOOL-State Inservice

October 16                          Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

October 17                          Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

October 17                          Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

October 18                          Great Shake Out 10:18

October 23                          Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

October 24                          Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

October 24                          Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00

October 30                          VFW Essays due to

October 30                          Choir Rehearsal 2:30-3:30

October 31                          Early Release, 12:10 Dismissal

October 31                          Recorder Rehearsal 12:10-1:00


September…Routines & Relationships!

Welcome back to school! September is the month that our students begin forging new relationships with their teachers and perhaps a new friendship or two as they meet new faces. September is also the kick-off to our focus on routines and safety: in classrooms, on the playground, on the bus, walking, bicycling, and staying home alone.  This focus might translate to dinner conversations around the table about how we keep ourselves safe in stores, parking lots, in the kitchen, etc.

Here are September events, that go along with our teaching routines. Parent Information Nights are a great way to stay informed!

September 13th            4th and 5th Grade Parent Info Night, 5:30-6:15 in                                                      your child’s classroom

September 14th            No Kindergarten; parent meetings

                                      August Birthday Table, during school lunch

September 18th            Picture Day!  Vision screening

                                     3rd Grade Parent Info Night 5:00-5:45

                                     1st Grade Parent Info Night  5:30-6:15

September 19th            Payback Book orders due

September 21st             Birthday Table, September Bdays

September 25th            5th Grade Field Trip: Columbia River Gorge

                                      2nd Grade Parent Info Night 5:30-6:15

September 27th            Kindergarten Friends 5:30-6:15

Hope to see you soon!

Back to School Night is HAPPENING!

We are hard at work here at school preparing classroom spaces to welcome back our penguins, as well as greet our NEWEST penguins, next Thursday, August 30th 4:00-6:00.  Please come drop off school supplies, say hi to friends, purchase your planners, deposit lunch money, and join the PTA!  We are so excited to see YOU!

waving penguin

Back to school!

The beginning of the school year is nearly upon us, and we want to be sure you have access to these documents when you need them, even before school offices open.

  • Our 2018-19 CSD Calendar now reflects secondary late start dates. On late start dates, middle and high schools will start 2 hours later than usual. Please Note: Next year, we will no longer be sending reminder emails, phone calls, and texts on late start dates to families for two reasons. 1) Frequency: They are now one day at each occurrence, but they occur twice a month and 2) Pattern: They occur every 2nd and 4th Thursday when school is in session with the exception of November, which, we hope, will be easy to remember.
  • View our Summer Schedule to learn about opening dates, back-to-school events, and more.
  • If your student has a district-issued Chromebook, click here to learn about Summer Care.
  • 2018-19 bus pick-up and drop-off schedules will be available online by Monday, August 6.
  • Remember, beginning next year, school start times for elementary and secondary schools have changed.

Graphic indicating the first day of school is September 4, 2018.