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Energy Star Certified
Prune Hill Elementary School is a member of the District’s Energy Star family. Prune Hill earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.


February Happenings at Prune Hill

February 1                          Full Day of School, 3:30 dismissal

February 1                          PTA General Membership Meeting, 6:00-7:00 Library

February 3                          NO Recorder Rehearsal today

February 3                          Sports Day/Super Bowl Sunday

February 3                          1st Grade to Newmark Theatre to see “Fly Guy the                                                     Musical”, 10:45-1:45

February 3                          PTA Birthday Table

February 3                          Family Fun Night, 6:00-8:00

February 8                          Early Release, 1:10 dismissal

February 10                        Recorder Rehearsal, 8:00-8:45

February 13                        CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

February 15                        Full Day of School, 3:30 dismissal

February 15                        Reading Assembly 9:15-9:45

February 15                        5th Grade to Steigerwald 9:05-12:50, Stewart & Driver

February 16                        5th Grade to Steigerwald 9:05-12:50, Holscher & Miller

February 17                        School is in Session-Snow make up day

February 17                        NO Recorder Rehearsal today

February 20                        NO SCHOOL-Presidents’ Day

February 22                        Early Release, 1:10 Dismissal

February 23-March 1           Jungle Week in PE

February 24                        Recorder Rehearsal, 8:00-8:45

February 27                        CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC



January Happenings at Prune Hill!

January 2                             NO SCHOOL-Winter break

January 3                             Welcome Back!

January 9                             Reflections Art Submissions due

January 9                             CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

January 11                           Martin Luther King Assembly 9:15-9:45

January 12 & 13                 AIMSweb Testing

January 13                           Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

January 13                           Western Day/Cowboy/Cowgirl Day

January 13                           PTA Birthday Table

January 16                           NO SCHOOL-Martin Luther King Day

January 20                           Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

January 23                           CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

January 27                           Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

January 30                          SCHOOL IN SESSION: Snow Make-up Day

penguin snowday

December Dates at Prune Hill Elementary

December 2                       Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45 (Last One for 2016)

December 2                       Stuff the Bus Pick-Up

December 2                       PTA Birthday Table

December 2                       Choirs perform at Camas tree lighting downtown Camas, 6:00-7:15

December 3                       Holly Days Bazaar 9:00-3:00 at Liberty Middle School

December 5                       End of 1st Trimester

December 6                       Hearing Re-Screens

December 7                       PTA General Membership Meeting 6:00-7:00 Library

December 12                     CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

December 14                     Sing-Along Assembly 9:15-9:45

December 15                     Report Cards go home with students in backpacks

November 15                    Kindergarten Gingerbread Program 5:00-5:30

December 16                     Pajama Day

December 19-January 2 NO SCHOOL Winter Break- See you on Tuesday, January 3rd



Prune Hill Penguins Honor Veterans and Military Personnel!

Our annual (and all-around favorite) assembly put on by our fabulous 5th grade and music teacher Mrs. Ray this morning. It was a wonderful tribute to veterans in our school community as well as currently serving military members. Click the link to view the slideshow, in case you missed it!  The assembly also included a Penguin Choir performance, recognition of veterans and service men and women in the audience, and students introducing current members of the 4 branches of military. Happy Veteran’s Day!

November Happenings at Prune Hill

November 1                       Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

November 3                       Picture Retakes

November 4                       Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

November 4                       PTA Birthday Table

November 7                       Box tops, printer cartridges and recyclables due

November 8                       Ballot Drop-Off Site 7:00am-8:00pm

November 8                       Choir Rehearsal 8:00- 8:45

November 9                       Veterans Day Assembly 9:15-10:00, PHE Gym

November 9                       Patriotic Penguin Day (red, white and blue day)

November 10                    Harvest Family Fun Night 6:00-8:00

November 11                    NO SCHOOL Veterans Day

November 14-18              Mail Town during PE classes

November 14                    Hearing Screenings

November 14                    CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

November 15                    Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

November 16                    5th Grade Watershed Monitoring 9:15-12:25

November 18                    Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

November 22                    Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

November 23-25              NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

November 25                    Choirs perform at Festival of the Trees at Vancouver Hilton 11:00

November 28                    CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

November 29                    Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45 (Last One)

penguin turkey

October’s Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill…Drop, Cover, & Hold On!

We survived the Great ShakeOut!  On October 20 at 10:20 AM we participated in the state’s Great Shake Out earthquake drill.

Click the link below to read the article in The Columbian for more details!



These are additional resources for your family:

http://www.shakeout.org/washington/dropcoverholdon/ http://www.shakeout.org/washington/individuals/ http://mil.wa.gov/emergency-management-division/preparedness/map-your-neighborhood



Fall is Upon Us!

The rain is here, and so is OCTOBER! Here are dates of events that may impact YOU!

October 4                            Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 4                            5th Grade to PUD (Rms. 42 & 43) 9:00-12:00

October 5                            5th Grade Water Monitoring In Class Presentations 9:15-12:25

October 5                            PTA General Membership Meeting 6:00-7:00 Library

October 6                            5th Grade to PUD (Rms. 40 & 41) 9:00-12:00

October 6                            2nd Grade to Downtown Camas 9:00-11:50

October 7                            Recorder Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 7                            PTA Birthday Table

October 10                          CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

October 11                          Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 11                          Kinders to Bi-Zi Farms 11:00-1:45

October 12                          5th Grade Water Quality Monitoring 9:15-12:15

October 13                          Run for the Arts Run Day

October 14                          NO SCHOOL State In-Service

October 18                          Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 20                          5th Grade Gorge Field Trip 8:50-3:20

October 21                          Recorder Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 24-28                   Conference Week-Early Release Monday-Friday, Book Fair Week, Grandparents breakfasts

October 24                          Talk Like a Pirate Day

October 24                          CSD School Board Meeting 5:30 @ ZAC

October 25                          Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 25                          Bandana/Scarf/Eye Patch Day

October 27                          Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 26                          Walk Like a Pirate Day

October 27                          Play Like a Pirate at Recess Day

October 28                          Recorder Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

October 28                          Halloween Costume Day (NO masks, weapons or face paint)

Penguin October

Welcome Back to School!

We have had a wonderful first week of school! Due to a large number of new students, we have added an additional classroom in our K-1 wing. Welcome back, Mrs. Little!

Please note the following dates, as they pertain to you, or your penguin. Parent Information Nights are a great way to hear how you can support your learner from home!


September 12                   No Kindergarten Today

September 13                   4th Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30, in classrooms

September 15                   1st Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30, in classrooms

September 16                   No Kindergarten Today

September 16                   Recorder Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

September 16                   Birthday Table (August birthdays)

September 20                   Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

September 20                   2nd Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30, in classrooms

September 21                   5th Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30, in classrooms

September 22                   Picture Day/Vision Screenings

September 22                   3rd Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30, in classrooms

September 23                   Recorder Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

September 23                   Birthday Table (September birthdays)

September 24                   Family Fun Run 9:30-11:30, PH community track

September 27                   Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

September 30                   Recorder Choir Rehearsal 8:00-8:45

September 30                   4th Grade to Columbia River Watershed Festival 9:30-3:00