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Oct 21

MST Double Vision


Spirit week here at Camas High School.  Who said the MST Magnet staff doesn’t have any spirit?  Mrs. Newman (left) and Mrs. Dean (right) show their school spirit.

Staff Webs

Look on the staff websites for course assignments and help: AP Environmental Science – Dean Pre-AP English 10- Greene Research Paper support – Greene AP Biology – Abe (Mrs. Abraham) MST Research 9, 10, 11, 12 – Mrs. Newman Pre-AP English 9 – Mrs. Jarvis Math (Accelerated Geometry, Accelerated Algebra 2) – Mr. Bohac

MST Staff

Leontina LiebeCounseling, College Admissions / Guidance (9-12)

Tom Morris – Principal: Program  Admissions, Schedules, Counseling, Reference Letters, College Guidance (9-12 … not shown) Alan Bohac – Math, Research Advisor (9-10) Jennifer Dean – AP Environmental Science, Research Advisor (9-10) Suzie Downs – Worksite Coordination, College Scholarships, Career Guidance (11-12) Sam Greene – English, Research Advisor, Senior Projects, MST ASB, Program Support (9-12) Jeannie Jarvis – English, Research Advisor (9-10) Leontina more »


Contact Information Admissions, Program, Planning: Ellise Anderson Camas High School Asst. Principal 360.833.5750, X78379 ellise.anderson@camas.wednet.edu Research Coordination and Program Support: Sam Greene Camas High School Teacher 360.833.5750, X78401 sam.greene@camas.wednet.edu Counseling, Career, College Admissions, Guidance Leontina Liebe Camas High School Counselor 360.833.5750, X78215 leontina.liebe@camas.wednet.edu Internships, Research Projects, Mentoring: Kimberly Newman Camas High School Teacher T: 360.833.5750, more »