Important FASFA Information

Seniors planning on attending college and applying for scholarships and financial aid for the fall of 2014 must submit the FAFSA form. In order to fill out the FAFSA, students and one parent/guardian must each request individual pin numbers that will serve as an electronic tracking system and signature. A  pin request can be made at  It takes approximately 24-48 hours to receive a confirmation of your pin request. Then between January 1-31, even if family taxes have not been submitted, the FAFSA form can be completed at Once taxes are submitted to the IRS, then a FAFSA correction must be made at the same website.

The Financial Aid Handbook

An invaluable read for all grade levels, written by two former college admission deans:

The Financial Aid Handbook: Getting the Education You Want for the Price You Can Afford

From the Amazon description: “In today’s tough economy, a college degree is more important–and more expensive–than ever before. The Financial Aid Handbook is the definitive, one-stop guide to the college selection and payment process, covering everything from basic timelines and tuition costs to predicting your scholarship award from colleges and taking ownership of student debt after graduation.”


National Youth Science Camp

The NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE CAMP is an honors program for two high achieving high school students from each state in the nation and others from around the world. This residential summer experience is held in a rustic setting in West Virginia’s eastern mountains and has honored and challenged more than 5,000 participants since it began in 1963.

2013 Magnet Alumna Published in Journal of Neuroscience

Recent CHS/Magnet grad Eden Pollock helped design a study whose results were recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience: Presynaptic Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease.  Pollock attends University of Washington.  Congratulations, Eden!  “Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies are associated with abnormal neuronal aggregation of α-synuclein. However, the mechanisms of aggregation and their relationship to disease are poorly understood. We developed an in vivo multiphoton imaging paradigm to study α-synuclein aggregation in mouse cortex with subcellular resolution. We used a green fluorescent protein-tagged human α-synuclein mouse line that has moderate overexpression levels mimicking human disease …”edenjnspublish

Caesar Videos!

Sophomore Magnet students worked to interpret scenes from Julius Caesar and update it with a new theme while retaining basic plot and tone.  In the process they learned about storyboarding, screen play writing, and working with a team to make/edit a video:  Bill and Ted’s Gotham Problem / Inception Caesar , High School Musical Caesar, and Hunger Games Caesar.

Two Magnetos visit CDC Atlanta

Marcus and Rachel visit the CDC in Atlanta as a result of their national championship in Disease Detectives. Mrs. Dean and Abe also visited.

What’s a reebop?

Sophomores in AP Biology completed a final project that synthesized all their learning in the unit for breeding reebops, curious little creatures who live on the fields of the Camas Meadows golf course.

December Mini-Symposium

In December of each year we host a smaller version of the full-blown, 9-12th grade research Symposium we put on in May of each year.  This mini-event is a presentation of the undersclassmen’s first phase of their research.  We enlist the help of our upperclassmen and recent graduates who act as panelists to offer constructive feedback in our efforts to help them develop their work and prepare for the second phase of their projects for second semester.


NASA WISH Scholars Program

NASA is accepting applications until noon CST Monday, Feb. 3, for its 2014 Women in STEM High School (WISH) Aerospace Scholars program, in which high school junior girls can jump-start their future careers by exploring possibilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Senior Showcase

On December 9th, 2013, the entire Magnet senior class presented their summer internship work and projects to the Camas School District school board and community at the Zellerbach Administration Center.  After the poster fair, staff, students, and community convened for the regular school board meeting and listened to formal presentations of internships by seniors Carly Marshall, Xinyang Chen, Zach Hein, and Matt Palodichuck.

Marshall worked over the summer at CID Bioscience in Camas, WA., where she conducted an investigation designed to test the filtration feature of a portable ethylene gas analyzer and to display the functionality of the CI-900 in a real world application of monitoring the ethylene production of fruit. Fruit Tests with the CI-900 Portable Ethylene Gas Analyzer.

Chen, Hein, and Palodichuck conducted their internships at Underwriters Laboratories in Camas, WA. They sought to design a tool in Microsoft InfoPath to standardize the process of estimating the hours needed to certify products. Designing an InfoPath Product Scoping Tool for UL

Congratulations, seniors, on your successful internships and projects!



Magnet students attempt to pick up with chopsticks as many jelly beans as possible in 30 seconds to unpack Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas about practice and opportunity in his chapter on The 10000 Hour Rule. Student designed and taught lesson.

Geometry Turkey Constructions!

Here are our freshmen working on their turkey constructions in geometry.  Most turkeys have an ominous fate over Thanksgiving break, but hopefully these turkeys will be coming to life with some creative coloring and design.

Regional SEF Results

CHS/Magnet students in grades 9-12 participated in the regional Science and Engineering Fair (SEF) on Saturday, March 1st.  Chaperoned by SEF guru Ron Wright and CHS teacher extraordinaire Kim Newman, Camas students entered seven projects. The results were amazing. Each project earned first place in its category. Additionally, best in show was earned by two Camas projects and thus an all expenses paid trip to ISEF in Los Angeles, CA in May (Reesab Patha and Meghal Sheth)  Excellent! CHS teacher Jennifer Dean contributed greatly as an advisor to nearly all of these projects. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Jon Bartlett
  • Rachel Fadlovich
  • Bilal Manzer
  • Reesab Pathak
  • Meghal Sheth
  • Sophie Shoemaker
  • Chemay Shola

Imagine This!

PULLMAN, Wash. – Students from Camas High School earned top honors at the fifth annual Imagine Tomorrow competition for their Nature’s Filter storm filter project and their Aquaponics system project.

More than 119 teams from 47 high schools from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana competed in the energy-focused problem-solving competition held this past May 18-20 at Washington State University in Pullman, WA.  In this competition, teams of two to five students competed in four categories: Behavior, Biofuels, Design and Technology.

Students Ryan Lim, Zach Hein, Carly Marshall, Ryann Bruno and Xianguang Yan designed a stormwater filter that would work with existing stormwater infrastructure. The filter uses microorganisms to break down nitrogenous pollutants, turning them into atmospheric nitrogen, and helps combat eutrophication, which can lead to excessive algae growth.  The project earned them a first place award in the Design category.  Each of the students received $1000 and the school received $5000.

Students Hope Richter, Edie Myers-Powers, Sophie Shoemaker and Esther Kwon placed third in the Design category with their Aquaponics design.  They successfully created a functioning system out of recycled materials in a Camas High School greenhouse where fish and plants are grown in a mutualistic relationship. Each of the students received $500 and the school received $1500.

This is the fifth year of Imagine Tomorrow. CHS has taken eight teams each of the five years and has brought home prizes each year. To learn more about Imagine Tomorrow, go to

This event is sponsored by Bank of America, Boeing, Weyehaeuser, Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliances, and BP.

Alex’s Wish

Magnet sophomore Alex Harte was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma on June 19, 2013.  Since then he’s been through countless treatments to get him on the road to recovery, which has even allowed him to come back to CHS to attend a limited schedule when he’s feeling well enough to do so.  As part of his recovery, he was recently granted a wish from Make-A-Wish ® Oregon.  “For Alex, the custom-built gaming computer that he received from Make-A-Wish® Oregon is more than just a wish-come-true.  It’s a wish for the future – something that will help him pursue a career in computers or electronics.”  Read more here: Alex’s Wish

alex harte_648x444

Samsung Tablets


Sophomore magnet students study for a grammar quiz using the new CHS Samsung Galaxy Tab cart.

Water Resource Center Field Trip

Students in Mrs. Dean’s AP Environmental Science class toured the Vancouver Water Resource Center on 11/21/13 and had a blast!

Apr 14

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair

4  of our Magnet students competed in the 2014 Washington State Science and Engineering Fair April 4th-5th. There were over 600 posters presented competing for the best of the best. Our kids shined: Reese Pathak, Sophie Shoemaker and Meghal Sheth all earned first in their categories. Bilal Manzer, only a freshman, earned 2nd in his category. Several special awards were handed out as well–each of our students earned at least one. Reese and Meghal will go on to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair in May.

Project: Creating Fresh Water from Benthic Mud

Project: Creating Fresh Water from Benthic Mud

Reese Pathak

Project: Helping to Find a Vaccine for HIV

Mar 27

Magnet Junior’s Mentor Fêted in WSUV Magazine

Meghal Sheth, a junior in our Magnet program, has presented her research at two professional conferences this year and has won several awards, such as first place in the Washington State Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium. On pages 9-12 in the WSU-V Crimson & Gray magazine, Meghal’s mentor (Dr. Allison Coffin) is featured—the article includes a nice bit about our very own Meghal and the impact Dr. Coffin has had on her. Kudos to both Dr. Coffin and Meghal!  And Go Cougs!

Mar 26

Adventures in Non-Fiction

Sophomore Pre-AP English students in the Magnet read Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers, in which he explores the hidden factors that play into achievement and success. For our study of the book, students are assigned sections of the book to teach the class. They design lessons tied to the Common Core standards, develop learning targets and activities, and create formative assessments to determine their individual level of “success” in teaching a lesson meant to underscore Gladwell’s ideas about success in that section.  The activities they’ve designed have all essentially been based off of levels of advantage/disadvantage that groups and individuals have and how this impacts their success, according to the author.

Mar 22

State 4A Knowledge Bowl

Senior Magnet students Rachel Fadlovich, Kyle Binder, Tim Liu, Lindsay Weinberg, Xinyang Chen, and Shicon Wen competed this past weekend in the Washington State Knowledge Bowl Tournament.  They did Camas High School and the Magnet proud, overcoming a tough start to place second in state at 4A, missing first place by only 1 point!  Shown with the students is their coach, Dale Croswell, CHS teacher and soon to be CHS retiree after 40 years teaching and 28 years as knowledge bowl coach.  Way to go, team!

Mar 17

Meghal Sheth Wins First Place at WSJHS

On March 14th, Meghal Sheth and Reesab Pathak presented their research at the Washington Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium. Reesab was chosen in the top 6 in the poster category. Awesome job, Reese! Meghal competed as a finalist for the oral presentation. Of the 15 presenters, Meghal earned first place and now gets to compete in the national competition in Washington DC.

Meghal Sheth wins first place at WJSHS

Meghal Sheth (center) wins first place at WJSHS

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