May 04

Magnet Alum Pathak (’15) Published in Science Magazine


2015 CHS/MST graduate Reesab Pathak recently received a co-author credit in an article published in the February 2016 issue of Science. Much of the work he contributed to this study was based off the internship experienced he had through the MST program at OHSU. Congratulations, Reese. Mr. Pathak is currently conducting his undergraduate studies at Stanford.

“One promising approach toward an HIV-1 vaccine involves infecting people with cytomegalovirus engineered to express proteins from HIV-1. This approach, which works by eliciting virus-killing CD8+ T cells, provides robust protection in nonhuman primate models. Hansen et al. have found out why this approach is so effective. Normally, peptide antigens presented by major histocompatibility complex-1a (MHC-Ia) activate CD8+ T cells. In vaccinated monkeys, however, CD8+ T cells reacted to peptide antigens presented by MHC-E molecules instead. Moreover, MHC-E could present a much wider range of peptides than MHC-Ia.”  Science 12 Feb 2016

Apr 22

APES Energy “Speed Dating”

Speed dating (noun): an event at which each participant converses individually with all the prospective partners for a few minutes in order to select those with whom dates are desired.  

Mrs. Dean’s MST AP Environmental (APES) students took part in an energy speed-dating event with their class. They were responsible for researching the energy topic they were assigned or signed up for, and during the event they “became” that particular topic. For example, if they were assigned the topic of “biomass renewable energy”, they would have been researching the process, characteristic of biomass, and the advantages and disadvantages facing their energy source. During the speed dating session, they would have been talking to others as if they were THAT energy source, trying to talk themselves up.

Some comments you might have overheard at an energy speed dating party:

“I am the best dam option.”
“I’m space efficient…you can put me anywhere.”
“I am a cheap date.”
“I will wind you over.”

Nice work, APES!

Apr 12

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair 2016

Congratulations to 10 of our students who competed at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair in Bremerton, Washington over spring break. All 10 earned state honors:

In the Engineering Mechanics Category 1st place honors to sophomore Sarah Wells-Moran and 2nd place honors to freshman Rahul Ram; Earth and Environmental Sciences Category  3rd place honors to freshman Monica Chang and Jessica Bretz; Plant Sciences Category 1st place honors to sophomores Gabe Mukobi and Noah Thompson; in the Environmental Engineering Category 1st place honors to freshmen Devank Shekhar, Shevank Shekhar, and Ashley Teng; in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Category 1st place honors to freshman Daniela Smektala; and finally in the Cellular and Molecular Biology Category 1st place honors to senior Anna Roche. Top honors also go to Anna as she has been invited to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in May in Phoenix, Arizona. Way to go, Magnetos!

Mar 22

MST ASB Breakfast Scheduled for 04/01/16

The Magnet ASB is organizing another Magnet breakfast for the Friday before spring break! This breakfast is student run, so we need people to sign up and bring food!

Here is the link to the sign up: MST ASB Breakfast Sign Up

Mar 08

Lord of the Flies Symbol Art

Students in Mr. G’s Pre-AP MST/Magnet English 10 class recently completed their reading of Lord of the Flies. One of the main learning targets for our reading of this was for students to be able to define universal and constructed symbols and explain how the author used these to develop a central theme in the text. As part of their final assessment, they were asked to represent their understanding and learning on this by creating a piece of symbol art (Lord of the Flies Symbol Art).  The constructed symbol was to take center stage in the piece as the “protagonist”. The universal symbol(s) were to act as the “supporting cast” in the piece.  Who says Magnet students aren’t multi-faceted in their talents and can’t draw!?!?

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