STEM Summer Program at UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst in offering a 6-week Research Intensive, which places high school students in professional working labs. Several departments are participating, including Biology and Psychology as well as Biochemistry and Food Science. Descriptions of all of the labs available can be found at the following link:  They are also offering several 2-week intensives in the STEM fields, including Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Kinesiology, among others.

Symposium 2014

Our annual CHS MST Magnet Research Symposium is a showcase of original student research and project work done over the course of the year in grades 9-12.  We displayed close to 40 projects in the CHS commons last night, 06/04/14. This project study is at the heart of what our program strives to be: an interdisciplinary, inquiry based experience and community through which students hone their understanding of the research process, develops skills on how to work on a team, and refine their presentation skills and ability to communicate. Oh how the program has grown and evolved!

Going way back to the fall of 2007 and the genesis of the MST program, we nervously welcomed our first class of some 30 bright eyed Magnet pioneers.  They were the ones who paved the way for a program that is now on the verge of graduating its 4th class.  It’s hard to believe it, but in just one week’s time, we’ll watch that 4th MST Magnet class, the class of 2014, walk across the stage at Doc Harris to join prior graduating classes in studying all over the US, applying the lessons they learned here at CHS and in the MST Magnet.  Congratulations to all the students of the program, but especially the graduating class of 2014. Go forth and conquer!  Qapla’ !

Water Resource Center Field Trip

Students in Mrs. Dean’s AP Environmental Science class toured the Vancouver Water Resource Center on 11/21/13 and had a blast!

Senior Symposium December 9th

Mark your calendars for our annual senior symposium held at Zeller Auditorium on Monday, December 9th from 4:30-5:30 PM. Our seniors worked hard during their internships over the summer and want to share their research with you.

Don’t Kyle and Austin look spiffy in their hard hats during their internship at the City of Camas?

Magnet Sophomores Get Hands “Dirty” in AP Bio

Basking in the glory of their post AP Bio haze, Magnet sophomores got their hands “dirty” this week doing fetal pig dissections.  Way to go, sophomore Magnetos!

What’s a reebop?

Sophomores in AP Biology completed a final project that synthesized all their learning in the unit for breeding reebops, curious little creatures who live on the fields of the Camas Meadows golf course.

MST Freshmen Orientation

Every year we welcome our freshmen at the annual orientation we host just prior to the start of school.  We run them through various ice breakers and activities, get them lockers, tour the school, then finish the event with a BBQ.  On behalf of the Magnet program, we’d like to welcome all 34 members of the MST class of 2018!

MST staffs the CEF Auction


Four of our intrepid crew.

Parent Information Meeting

Join us on January 16, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the CHS North Commons to hear more about the program, meet current students and staff, and get answers to questions you might have about the program and application process.

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair

4  of our Magnet students competed in the 2014 Washington State Science and Engineering Fair April 4th-5th. There were over 600 posters presented competing for the best of the best. Our kids shined: Reese Pathak, Sophie Shoemaker and Meghal Sheth all earned first in their categories. Bilal Manzer, only a freshman, earned 2nd in his category. Several special awards were handed out as well–each of our students earned at least one. Reese and Meghal will go on to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair in May.

Project: Creating Fresh Water from Benthic Mud

Project: Creating Fresh Water from Benthic Mud

Reese Pathak

Project: Helping to Find a Vaccine for HIV

MST APES Peer Mentoring at Lacamas

9th grade MST APES students demonstrated their abilities this week with the highest level of assessment: the ability to teach their learning targets to others. To do so, they peer mentored and taught Ms. Sturges’ class of 2nd graders from Lacamas Elementary the concepts of biodiversity and sustainability. They accomplished this by building EcoColumns and recording their observations, and they also practiced methods of measurements for the health of their systems based on dissolved oxygen levels in their aquatic chamber and the qualities of the soil in their terrestrial chambers through ribbon and texture tests. These students all proved that they got their hands dirty this week!

Adventures in Non-Fiction

Sophomore Pre-AP English students in the Magnet read Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers, in which he explores the hidden factors that play into achievement and success. For our study of the book, students are assigned sections of the book to teach the class. They design lessons tied to the Common Core standards, develop learning targets and activities, and create formative assessments to determine their individual level of “success” in teaching a lesson meant to underscore Gladwell’s ideas about success in that section.  The activities they’ve designed have all essentially been based off of levels of advantage/disadvantage that groups and individuals have and how this impacts their success, according to the author.

Financial Aid Dos and Don’ts

Finding the funds to pay for a post-secondary education can be a stressful endeavor. Tis the season for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and financial aid packages from colleges begin arriving soon as well. Should your student not receive enough financial aid to make attendance possible, I encourage students to contact the school(s) and discuss their financial situation and academic goals. Some colleges are firm in their offers while others will reevaluate the financial aid package they have extended, and unless asked, you may never know what possibilities are available.  Financial Aid Dos and Don’ts

2013 Magnet Graduate Hollar Earns Research Award

Recent CHS / MST Magnet grad Sierra Hollar was awarded a $2,000 summer research grant by Boise State University and their STEM Summer Research Community.  ”The Boise State Summer Research Community  program hosts several activities in partnership with several student research programs to involve the participants to unique interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities. Interaction with peers from a variety of disciplines provides an academically enriching environment.” The award is given to only one student per semester.

From her winning proposal that was peer reviewed by a scholar in Germany: “I wish to engage in the study of a novel group of symbiotic organisms, trichomycetes, in order to develop skills and expertise that will offer a contribution to the larger scientific community. This research could potentially yield new discoveries of both different microorganisms and candidate hosts, as well as give insight into habitats, traditional methods to preserve, and even prospective ways in which to harness, cultivate, and observe them in detail.”

Congratulations, Sierra!

Two Magnetos visit CDC Atlanta

Marcus and Rachel visit the CDC in Atlanta as a result of their national championship in Disease Detectives. Mrs. Dean and Abe also visited.

Regional SEF Results

CHS/Magnet students in grades 9-12 participated in the regional Science and Engineering Fair (SEF) on Saturday, March 1st.  Chaperoned by SEF guru Ron Wright and CHS teacher extraordinaire Kim Newman, Camas students entered seven projects. The results were amazing. Each project earned first place in its category. Additionally, best in show was earned by two Camas projects and thus an all expenses paid trip to ISEF in Los Angeles, CA in May (Reesab Patha and Meghal Sheth)  Excellent! CHS teacher Jennifer Dean contributed greatly as an advisor to nearly all of these projects. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Jon Bartlett
  • Rachel Fadlovich
  • Bilal Manzer
  • Reesab Pathak
  • Meghal Sheth
  • Sophie Shoemaker
  • Chemay Shola

2013 Magnet Alumna Published in Journal of Neuroscience

Recent CHS/Magnet grad Eden Pollock helped design a study whose results were recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience: Presynaptic Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease.  Pollock attends University of Washington.  Congratulations, Eden!  “Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies are associated with abnormal neuronal aggregation of α-synuclein. However, the mechanisms of aggregation and their relationship to disease are poorly understood. We developed an in vivo multiphoton imaging paradigm to study α-synuclein aggregation in mouse cortex with subcellular resolution. We used a green fluorescent protein-tagged human α-synuclein mouse line that has moderate overexpression levels mimicking human disease …”edenjnspublish

AP Bio Fruit Flies

Magnet AP Biology students examine fruit flies for gender and phenotype in preparation for a genetics lab.

MST Double Vision

Spirit week here at Camas High School.  Who said the MST Magnet staff doesn’t have any spirit?  Mrs. Newman (left) and Mrs. Dean (right) show their school spirit.


Oct 21

MST Double Vision

Spirit week here at Camas High School.  Who said the MST Magnet staff doesn’t have any spirit?  Mrs. Newman (left) and Mrs. Dean (right) show their school spirit.


Sep 30

Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS)

Teacher & Student Applications are Available Now!

“Since 2006, Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) has been giving Washington state’s high school juniors and teachers the unique opportunity to explore educational and career pathways in the world of STEM while interacting with like-minded peers from across the state.

WAS participants will get an inside look at Washington’s aerospace industry and information about STEM educational and career pathways. In addition to being exposed to university level curriculum and content, teachers will also have opportunities to interact with STEM professionals, participate in tours of engineering and research facilities that are not available to the general public, and work with highly engaged and motivated peers.”


Sep 27

MST APES Peer Mentor Lacamas Elementary Students

Mrs. Dean’s MST AP Environmental Science students peer mentor students at Lacamas, teaching the kids through fun activities (cotton ball shot put, right handed squeeze event, etc.) about key science concepts, including measuring and estimation using the metric system.  Go APES!


Sep 11

WSUV Engineering & Computer Science Information Night

Find out what a degree in Engineering or Computer Science will do for you!

WSU Vancouver is hosting an Engineering & Computer Science Information Night, 6 p.m,. Thursday, September 18, Engineering & Computer Science Building, room 105, WSU Vancouver campus. Free & open to the public … check it out!

Sep 09

MST9 Magnet Olympic Champions

It is tough being a Magneto. During our orientation we (the staff and elder Magnetos) put the youngins through a grueling competition. One group rose to the top and earned the title–Magnet Olympic Champions. In their honor, their names will be engraved on a plaque and placed on the champion trophy displayed in Mrs. Newman’s room.

David Connell, Thomas Kuzis (coach), Luke Bruno, Bailee Thompson, Ashley Miles, Jax Purwins, and Rhyan Montovino

David Connell, Thomas Kuzis (coach), Luke Bruno, Bailee Thompson, Ashley Miles, Jax Purwins, and Rhyan Montovino


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