Mar 21

Which Financial Aid Package to Accept?

Making decisions about which college offer and financial aid package to accept can incite feelings of panic and confusion. To aid with both decisions, the college acceptance and the financial aid piece, the US Department of Education has some suggestions for both students and parents to consider.

Contact Mrs. Liebe with questions.

Feb 22

MST Admissions Timeline Updated

The effects of this winter’s many inclement weather days continue to reverberate as we move down the final stretch of the MST admissions and recruitment process. See below for the updates to our timeline. For the purpose of forecasting (if it happens prior to admissions decisions on 3/17/17), students should forecast for their “normal” coursework. Schedules will be adjusted and updated later this spring by Mrs. Anderson.


Feb 13

CHS Science Oly Triumphant at Cal Berkeley!

Students from CHS (and many from the MST Magnet) traveled this past weekend down to Cal Berkeley to participate in the Golden Gate Science Olympiad Invitational, which is led by previous S.O. national medalists and students from Stanford and Cal Berkeley, including our very own Jon Bartlett (CHS/MST ’15), currently studying bio-engineering at Stanford (’19). The Golden Gate Invitational is, indeed, an impressive collaboration between Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, showcasing some of the top science high schools in the United States; it’s an honor for our team to be invited to this.

The short version of the story is that CHS Science Oly. took an impressive 6th place out of 45 total teams from across the United States! Perhaps most impressive, though, is that they did this in a compressed span of only three hours (teams usually do their events over the course of 6+ hours). They were forced into doing this when the CHS team’s arrival by train at Berkeley was delayed significantly by track closures in/around Sacramento due to flooding. Undaunted, CHS quickly figured out en route to Cal a schedule that would allow them to do their events in that short time if they could get to the tournament and if they could get approval from the tournament organizers to do so, all of which they did.  Great team work … Congrats, CHS Science Oly!

IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8320

Feb 08

MST Magnet Garments for Sale

Magnet t-shirts, sweatshirts, crewnecks, and hoodies are now available for purchase. This year’s design is courtesy of MST senior Yoping Fang. You can add your name to the back and/or sleeve as an option for $5. The order deadline is Friday, 2/17/17, so get your orders in ASAP!!  See below for pricing. Visit the store here to order:


Feb 02

College Admissions and the “GPA Game”

Sophomore Magnet English students had a wonderful visit today from our esteemed Magnet counselor Mrs. Liebe. She walked us through an activity called “The GPA Game”, where students assume an identity and move up and down the ladder of admissions based on their fictional profile’s characteristics: GPA, extracurricular involvement, family connections, work history, etc. It came through loud and clear for the students that getting into college is no longer as simple as getting a great GPA. Here’s how she describes this activity:

“It is easy to assume that grades alone are the factor that determine college admission. While grades are very important they are not the sole determiner. For a moment think of college admissions as an entire pie that is divided into multiple “slices.” These “slices” include grades, SAT/ACT scores, teacher and counselor recommendations, extra-curricular activities, rigor of courses taken, geography, and more. Students playing the GPA game experience firsthand how the holistic and subjective admission process works while gaining an understanding of the impacts character, integrity, social media and work ethic have when accessing post high school options.”

We finished the visit with a short video clip that gives an inside look at the admissions process. The video is well worth the time … check it out: Inside the College Admissions Process 20170202_104521

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