Student Job Description

  • Report to class on time and attend daily.
  • Be prepared for learning by bringing student planner and learning materials to class. Examples: paper, pencils, notebook, textbooks, disk or jump drive.
  • Participate in the learning activities as directed by the teacher. Examples: ask questions, respond to questions, read and think about the content, involve self in group activities.
  • Complete and turn in work on time.
  • Treat all others with respect and dignity. Expect to be treated with respect.
  • Follow the classroom, school and, district rules and policies. Ask any adult if you are uncertain.
  • Follow adult direction from school district employees.
  • Be responsible for your behaviors and understand there are rewards for acceptable behavior and consequences for unacceptable behaviors.
  • Exhibit pride in self, others, school, and community with appropriate attitude, behavior, vocabulary, and dress.


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