2019/2020 Yearbooks

Hello Lion Families: 

2019-2020 Yearbooks are available for online purchase only until Monday August 31 at midnight for $25

Here are the instructions:

Visit the Online Payment site. Please note: Username needs to be your Skyward Family Access ID – should you not remember your password you can choose the option to reset your password and it will not affect your Skyward password. Once logged in – it will ask you “Who are you shopping for” – select your child’s name, if you don’t see your child’s name the incorrect username was used. Once logged in and your students name is selected go to Items at Your Student’s School LMS 19-20 Yearbook (this will be listed under Categories) > Buy Checkout (upper right corner). 

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Jones in the LMS ASB Office at Erin.Jones@camas.wednet.edu

Current Liberty 7th and 8th students can pick up yearbooks at your Liberty Campus Visit days. If you still need to sign up the links are below:

7th grade campus visit    

8th grade campus visit

We will be open from 4-6pm, September 14th & 15th, to distribute yearbooks to students who already purchased them. In order to keep you and our staff safe, please do not get out of your car. 

  1. Drive up to the front of the school from the Garfield Street entrance. We will be out front underneath the awning at the main entrance to the building.
  2. Write your name on a sheet of paper to let our staff know who you are. They will simply drop your materials into your open window or trunk. 
  3. We will be wearing masks. Please also be wearing personal protective equipment.

Thank you and take care. 

Liberty Yearbook Team

6th Grade Web Orientation 8/26/20


Greetings Sixth Grade Parents,

We understand the crucial role that school transitions have in a student’s educational experience, and we have planned a great experience to help with your child’s sixth grade transition tomorrow with our WEB Orientation.  Our 8th grade mentors are excited to get to know and bond with our 6th graders, by playing games and activities over video chat.  This is a valuable experience that we can’t pass up, which leads me to my next statement.

Zoom has been experiencing a lot of issues over the past two days, garnering national headlines for outages (Article).  As we have worked with our 8th graders the past two days, we have seen some hiccups in the application first hand and anticipate some issues occurring tomorrow.  We ask for your grace and understanding as we work to provide an opportunity for connection with your child.  We are choosing to move forward despite the issues that have been occurring in hopes that we can provide your child with a positive first impression of Liberty and this school year.

In order to help decrease the potential for issues, please have your child take the following steps (provided by our tech department):

  • Limit the number of people who are using your home internet. Don’t forget that streaming devices on your TV could be eating up precious bandwidth. 
  • Only use Zoom, having other apps and tabs open in the background will eat up processing power. Don’t try to check your email or read the news.
  • Keep your audio muted unless you need to talk.
  • Start the meeting with your camera turned off until you need it. 
  • Be plugged into power.

Thank you for your help as we make the best of this.  In the unlikely scenario where Zoom is completely uncooperative, we will get messaging out to you all about a postponement and a makeup date.  This would come in the same format as this message.

Here is the Zoom link for our meeting that begins at 9:00AM: https://camas-wednet-edu.zoom.us/j/92061643743


This is a student orientation, so once your child is logged in to the Zoom, please allow them space to learn and be goofy as they complete the activities we have planned. 

We look forward to connecting with your child tomorrow!

Stephen Baranowski

Associate Principal

Liberty Middle School: Together We Can

(360) 833-5850 ext. 79183

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Back-To-School Supply List!

The question of whether or not to buy school supplies is a tricky one. Usually there are a lot of good deals at this time of the year, but also much of it won’t be needed until we are back in the building. Our school supply list is attached below but it is certainly fine to wait to purchase. For the most part, kids will just need paper and writing utensils along with some way to organize at home. Kids who are in an art class may need a few extra supplies but the teacher will communicate that directly when the time comes. If you are in need of assistance please reach out to our school counselors, we have supplies for anyone in need of them.

 CLICK HERE:  Liberty School Supplies


This year our Chromebooks reached the end of their lease cycle and we have been in the process of swapping these student devices for new ones. If you have a student in grades 6-12 who still has their old Chromebook, or is new to the district, we have another opportunity for them to get their new device. We will be hosting a Chromebook swap at Odyssey Middle School on August 26, from Noon-6 PM

Not sure if their Chromebook is old or new? Our new Chromebooks have an attached case that looks like the one below. If you have such a case on your Chromebook, you can disregard this message.

Gumdrop case on a Chromebook
Signups Are Required: Complete this form to reserve a time bit.ly/camasswap

How to prepare your device: These devices will be cleaned, serviced, and provided to our Kindergarten through 3rd graders this fall. Here’s how you can help get that device ready for them.

  • Please remove any stickers that may have been added to the device. Leave the barcode and name stickers.
  • Please charge the device, neatly wind the charger and bring your case (if you were issued one).
  • For those without assurance, or those that have exhausted their assurance, fines will be assessed for broken and missing items:
    • Missing chargers and cases are $10 each
    • Broken keyboards and screens are $20 each
    • Lost or vandalized Chromebooks will receive a $50 fine. Vandalized includes carved, missing cameras, etc.

New Assurance Program: Find out about how our assurance program will work this year, including no signup feesbit.ly/camasassurance

Once registered, you will be emailed further instructions.




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