August 30th: 9:00 AM-3:45 PM


Who: Incoming Sixth Grade Students

What: A day just for sixth graders to get to know your teachers, other students, and what it means to be a Liberty Lion!

When: August 30th, 9:00AM-3:45PM (regular school hours)

Where: LMS–Bussing will be provided.

Why: We want you to get a full day as a sixth grade group to ease the transition into our community.  

More information will be provided next week with specific details and information–stay tuned!

Upcoming Parent Night


Are you wondering about:

  • Upcoming back to school events for students?
  • When class schedules will be released for the upcoming year?
  • What COVID precautions will be in place for the school year?
  • What activities and athletics your child can take part in
  • How to help your student navigate their first few weeks back in school?

Join us as we answer these questions and more!  We will provide information about the upcoming year and end with a Q&A session.  

This will be in a Webinar format on Zoom, so please use THIS LINK to join the webinar next Thursday at 6:00PM.  (

We will record this session and email it out if you are unable to make it!

We will see you soon!

Go Lions!

Gary Moller, Principal
Mandy Busby, Associate Principal
Stephen Baranowski, Associate Principal

2021-2022 Athletics!

Greetings Middle School Families!
As you think about next school year, we wanted to let you know about our athletics offerings as they will be expanding to include SOCCER at the middle school level next year!
As part of the Greater St. Helens Middle School League, adding 7th and 8th grade boys and girls soccer will allow us to get even more students involved in school based athletics. Soccer is a popular sport in our community and we want to bring some of that energy into our district programming!
Along with this addition, some of our sports seasons have been reassigned to help increase access for our athletes and our facilities. With this new calendar, we have less overlap in the demand for our gyms and will be able to run more consistent schedules after our school day. The new schedule also gave Evergreen the ability to offer a sport to all sixth graders in the fall as they become part of their new learning communities.
We hope this email allows you to look ahead at next year as you begin planning and thinking about what seasons and sports your child may get involved with at their school.
All of this is under the hopeful assumption that we will resume all athletic offerings next school year.
Thank you all!
Dean Strawn—Skyridge MS Athletics
Stephen Baranowski—Liberty MS Athletics

Volleyball, Football, & Track Info – videos!


Need more info on Volleyball, Football, or Track?
Watch these videos – featuring your coaches!

VOLLEYBALL Information:
Parent Night Video
Parent Night Slides
Head Coach Aaron Huether:

FOOTBALL Information:
Parent Night Video
Parent Night Slides
Head Coach Jack Hathaway:

TRACK Information:
Parent Night Video
Parent Night Slideshow
Track Team Website
Message from Coach Grunwald
Head Coach Matt Grunwald:

Sign up questions?  Email:


Spring Sports – Parent Meetings!

Would you like to learn more about our upcoming sports season?

Attend our Parent Information Meetings via Zoom!

Tues, 03/23 @ 5:00pm – VOLLEYBALL Parent Info Meeting  Zoom Link Click Here
Tues, 03/23 @ 6:00pm – FOOTBALL Parent Info Meeting  Zoom Link Click Here
Wed, 03/31 @ 6:00pm – TRACK Parent Info Meeting  Zoom Link Click Here

Mon, 04/12 @ 4:00pm – First Day of Spring Sports!





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