Core Classes
All students take Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

Highly Capable Language Arts/Social Studies

Students entering 6th grade this year had the opportunity to apply for the Highly Capable Program (HiCap) in both Math and Language Arts/Social Studies. A district-wide criterion matrix (which considers assessment scores and grades) is used for selection. Students in HiCap can expect significant depth in learning and expectations for in class and home work, and the Highly Capable title will be listed on the student’s transcript. In the 2015-16 school year, HiCap will be extended to 7th grade students. Applications for HiCap are available in the early spring.

Pre-Advanced Placement
A Pre-AP Language Arts/Social Studies block is offered in 8th grade. Students enrolled in pre-AP classes can expect more depth in their learning as well as higher expectations in terms of reading, writing, and homework than the regular Language Arts and Social Studies classes. As with HiCap, placement was based on a district-wide criterion matrix. The pre-AP title will be listed on the student’s grade transcript. Applications for pre-AP are available in the spring. In the 2015-16 school year, PreAP Language Arts/Social Studies will only be available to 8th graders, with HiCap replacing PreAP at the 6th and 7th grade levels.

Advanced Math
Students are placed in advanced math classes based on a district-wide criterion matrix composed of teacher recommendations, grade point average, and test scores. New students may request a math placement test to make certain they are appropriately placed. Advanced math classes include a compacted 6th-7th and a compacted 7th-8th courses at 6th grade, compacted 7th-8th and Algebra at 7th grade, and Algebra at 8th grade. In 2016-17 Geometry will also be offered at 8th grade.

Students Arts Related (STAR)
Students are required to take year-long Health/Fitness. Students may elect to enroll in a year-long class: Band, Choir, Advanced Art (8th grade only) or Advanced Robotics (8th grade only), or may choose rotation that will include three of the following: Technology, Art, Drama, Drumming, Spanish (7th/8th grade) or Cultures (8th grade only).

All students are enrolled in a Focus class. Focus provides instruction in the areas of academic, career, and social development in a smaller class environment. Students may also receive personalized academic support/remediation as needed. All students will develop a portfolio of best work in preparation for a student-led conference at the end of the year. Students may apply for year-long Yearbook, Newspaper or Leadership during Focus.



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