7th Grade Girls Volleyball Played Hard Against Covington!

7th grade A volleyball team came back to win games 2 & 3 to solidify the match win against Covington. Alina Kovalinko and Angie Lueb served well all day and Mason Oberg had 6 kills in the match.

7th grade B volleyball won the first game but lost the 2nd and 3rd in a tough loss to Covington.

Mrs. Cotton and Ms. Martinson are proud of your hard work so far this season and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

The C Volleyball team won all 3 games yesterday against Covington. The whole team stepped up and played hard.

Volleyball Schedule ***NEW DATE***** December 1st!!!

There has been an additional game added to the schedule!  On December 1st, Liberty will host all of the 7th and 8th grade matches at Liberty.  This will make up the match that was cancelled for December 8th.  Games will start at 3:30 p.m. with 7th-C in the main gym and 7th-B in the auxiliary gym.  At 4:45 p.m. 7th-A will play in the main and 8th-B in the auxiliary.  8th A will go at 6:00 p.m.. Attached is the updated game schedule. 2014 Volleyball Schedule


Green Lions First Challenge!

Listen up, Lions!  The first Green Lion Challenge is here.  And we have two questions for you.

1st question:  Did you know that most places cannot recycle the lids that are often left on containers when they are put in the recycle bin?  Yup.  It’s true.  Most of them end up in the land fill.

2nd question: Would you like to have a popcorn party?  If you would, then here is all you have to do:

  • Between December 1st and December 13th, bring in as many bottle caps as you can.  The 1st core class with the most caps per student on Thursday, Dec 5th and Thursday, Dec 13th will each win a popcorn party.
  • Caps can be from drinks (soda, water, milk), food (peanut butter, mayonnaise, salsa), cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, shampoo, bulk refills)….any place you can find them.
  • Start collecting now and help your class (and your planet) win!


But wait…What, you might ask, are we going to do with all the caps that are collected?  We are so glad you asked.

We are creating a recycled bottle cap mural and need your help. We need some creative students to come up with a design for our mural. If you have an idea draw it out and submit it to Ms. Marcell in the Art Room. Your design could be the one picked for the final mural.

6th Graders Raise $859.11 for UNICEF!

6th Grade blasted through its goal of collecting $500 for UNICEF this Halloween! 6th Graders raised $859.11!! Congratulations to all the 6th graders who helped make this a truly giving Halloween. You have saved lives and raised enough to provide for three schools in a box to help children and refugees who haven’t had the opportunity for an education. THANK YOU 6TH GRADE LIONS!

Stuff Da’ Bus – Now Until Dec. 5th!

It’s STUFF ‘DA BUS time again!  From now until December 5th, we will be participating in the Stuff the Bus food drive to support our local community throughout the holiday season.  We will be recognizing the winning class at our Winter Recognition Assembly in December, as well as having the winning class Stuff the Bus on December 5th!  This is always a great drive for our community, so let’s all participate! Thank you! Meili Murray, Caroline Lehner, Tyra Schroeder, and Joy Marsh (from your ASB).

1st Annual Fall Fitness Frenzy Fundraiser Update! Thank You Snap Fitness 24/7!

Congratulations Liberty Lions!  Our total is now $8.421.45!  We are so proud of our students and contributors for this successful fundraiser!  We would like to give a special recognition and thank you to Doug Vaughan, owner of Snap Fitness 24/7 for his very generous donation.  The top 6 winners received a one-month membership (1 adult/1 child) including a fitness evaluation and an equipment orientation by a certified trainer, a t-shirt and water bottle.  The overall winner received a THREE month membership!   Snap Fitness has many SW Washington locations including the Camas gym located at 3316 NE Third Avenue (next to Walgreens).  Click below for the website information.




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