Lacamas is Going Green!

Lacamas just introduced our new Milk Dispenser! At Lacamas, we were wasting over 30 gallons of milk each week. With our new Milk Dispenser we’re not only reducing our garbage by using washable cups, we reduced our waste in the first week to under 8 gallons! That’s impressive! We’re  excited to find more ways where we can be mindful of our impact on our Earth! In May we’ll be learning more about Green cleaning and reusable lunch options!!

Lacamas Art Week

Students had a creative week working with clay on a collaborative art project! Thank you Mrs. H for all your time organizing and running our Art Week. Our ornaments are beautiful! You can support PALS Art Week and purchase one of the student ornaments at our Spring PALS Events!

Back to school!

The beginning of the school year is nearly upon us, and we want to be sure you have access to these documents when you need them, even before school offices open.

  • Our 2018-19 CSD Calendar now reflects secondary late start dates. On late start dates, middle and high schools will start 2 hours later than usual. Please Note: Next year, we will no longer be sending reminder emails, phone calls, and texts on late start dates to families for two reasons. 1) Frequency: They are now one day at each occurrence, but they occur twice a month and 2) Pattern: They occur every 2nd and 4th Thursday when school is in session with the exception of November, which, we hope, will be easy to remember.
  • View our Summer Schedule to learn about opening dates, back-to-school events, and more.
  • If your student has a district-issued Chromebook, click here to learn about Summer Care.
  • 2018-19 bus pick-up and drop-off schedules will be available online by Monday, August 6.
  • Remember, beginning next year, school start times for elementary and secondary schools have changed.

Graphic indicating the first day of school is September 4, 2018.