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Energy Star Certified
Helen Baller Elementary School is a member of the District’s Energy Star family. Baller earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.


Online lunch accounts

What did my child eat for lunch today? Why is my son/daughter already out of lunch money? These
questions and more can be answered online through the district’s MealTime program. Parents can see
how often their students eat lunch or breakfast and for secondary students, they can even see what
menu items they chose to eat. Additionally, parents can also deposit money into their student’s

If your student is new to the district or you did not receive passcode information you can call 360-
833-5768 or send an e-mail with your student’s name and school to lisa.myers@camas.wednet.edu.
On-Line Payments for Lunch Accounts can be made at www.mymealtime.com . (Transactions after
midnight will be posted to the student’s account the next business day). Through this website you can
also monitor your student’s account balance and purchases – for FREE.

If you would like to use this feature, please contact Lisa at lisa.myers@camas.wednet.edu or
833.5768 and she will provide your student’s passcode to set up an account.