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December Students Of The Month


Dee has an outstanding, confident sense of style. Her
perseverance is admirable. Dee is always open &
honest and is committed to tackling challenges to reach
her educational goals. She offers help as a tutor in
Algebra 1, going out of her way to ask how she can
help me & classmates during class. Dee has a great
attitude and is kind in her interactions with others


Jonny’s quietly confident demeanor is noticed daily. He
is always polite during interactions. Jonny has grown a
great deal in terms of participation in class and in
showing respect for others. He is very responsible with
his classes, he knows how to self-advocate well, and
shows pride in his principles.

November Students Of The Month

Josiah is proud and fearless in navigating the
challenges presented to him; he shows great resilience
and is always polite. He is always kind, caring, and
empathetic toward others; I really enjoy checking in
with him when we pass each other in the halls. Josiah
brings great thought & energy to discussions.


Isabel is so consistent in her compassionate demeanor and
exudes kindness in the way she interacts with students &
staff. She is consistently focused, on track, and working
hard in English. Her positive demeanor and great attitude
helps make 4th period a great way to end the day. Isabel has
been fearless in learning new watercolor techniques,
significantly improving her skills to her own satisfaction.

October Students of the Month

Ruby is a quiet leader. She has a strong sense of organization and works diligently to produce high quality work, and helps other students. Ruby is awesome!  She is always respectful of her teachers, her peers, and her school.  She is kind to everyone; her work is timely, thoughtful, and thorough.  She sets an example for others to follow! Ruby is a focused and hardworking student who holds herself to high standards; her contributions to class always help others understand even more.


Milla is an empathetic asset to any class. She is willing to provide commentary & context for why characters behave the way they do and is willing to feel the suffering of characters because of that deep well of empathy. She fearlessly speaks up to share her opinions & thoughts in class; she is a fantastic artist. She is quite shy and reserved but is always absorbing and thinking critically. She makes amazing contributions to our discussions in English; her engagement with our content and practice is a tremendous model for others. Milla takes pride in her work, is kind about her interactions with the rest of the student body, and is fearless in the pursuit of refining her skills. 



September Students Of The Month


Eli is kind to his fellow Renegades, greeting & welcoming them with pride or fearlessly offering help. Eli exudes kindness as he walks down the halls and talks to others. He makes Hayes a better place. Eli has advocated for other students to be more kind, proud, fearless – representing his school and our core values.  He has offered thoughtful suggestions on how to improve classes, and helps wrangle other students back into learning.

Maren kindly welcomes others into discussions; she is a proudly voracious reader and deep thinker, unafraid to share her understanding & knowledge. Maren brings energy and enthusiasm to class. She also works well with others and asks good questions. Maren makes use of Advocacy time, always doing something like working independently on homework, making flash cards for French, or researching schools to apply to after graduation. She is always keeping busy with things that are productive for her in a positive way.



April Students Of The Month

Darian is willing to engage in thoughtful discussions and debates. Her questions and comments move discussions forward.  She is encouraging and motivating toward her peers.  Darian is kind and proud in her role as ASB president, and is not only a go to for school happenings, but also academics.  In class, she takes risks and goes beyond her comfort zone which her peers notice.  She is an amazing Big Buddy with patience beyond her years.  Thank you, Darian for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!

Sam Gregg brings her creative spirit to benefit all of her assignments.  She is a kind student and supportive of her peers and teachers.  She is a proud artist and does all her work with attention to detail.  She is fearless in class.  Sam may not always know the answer, but is willing to take risks and give it a go.  Her peers value this quality which helps to create a fearless community in our class.  Thank you, Sam for being Kind Proud, and Fearless!

March Students Of The Month

Emma is a leader.  We are kinder, more proud and more fearless when she is with us.  Emma brings enthusiasm and life into our class dynamics.  Emma is not afraid to share her opinions.  She respectfully asks questions adding depth to classroom discussions.  Emma shows resilience and determination.  Her discipline is strong and she is fearless in pursuit of her education and goals!  Emma works hard to balance school and her athletics as well as being a member of ASB.  Thank you, Emma for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless. 

Stephanie has a kind spirit and helpful nature about her. She exemplifies fearlessness.  She is a hard worker and is growing more and more confident in the work she produces in class. She is kind to her peers (and Burt) and is always willing to help out.  Stephanie comes to school ready for success and pushes through setbacks when they arise.  She is tenacious and strives for excellence in all that she does.  Thank you Stephanie for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!  

February Students of the Month

Charli is fun, artistically creative, meticulous about their work and projects, and raises the standard with their efforts.  They make connections across multiple topics and are willing to spend the time necessary to complete assignments in a way that is both informative and also artistic.  They are a deeply committed student.  Charli has an infectious smile and is kind to their peers and staff.   Thank you Charli for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!

Cameron is a quiet leader.  He has a steady presence in every classroom.  He is always ready to help other students either individually or in a small group.  He is kind to his peers and sets an example by being a self – starter on assignments and projects.  Cameron is an avid reader and is surely one who exhibits the example of the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  Thank you, Cameron for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!

December Students of the Month


Megan is kind & engaging with her peers, helping to promote discussion in small groups. She is fiercely talented at drawing and pushes herself to learn new techniques. She fearlessly participates in class discussions, offering thoughtful insights. Megan is unfailingly kind, polite, considerate, and conscientious. Megan brings a unique focus and perspective to all of her work. Thank you, Megan for being Kind, Proud and Fearless.




Tyler has tremendous focus and uses that capacity to develop visuals that are stunningly complex. He also is willing to consider multiple viewpoints to deepen understanding of complex subjects. Tyler is always doing what he is supposed to be doing and is never off task. He is kind to other students and is willing to explain his thought process to his peers in a helping and caring manner. Thank you, Tyler for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!





November Students Of The Month


Sophia H. has been consistently polite and hardworking. She is helpful to her peers and adds depth to classroom conversations. Sophia puts tremendous thought and effort into her classwork.   She is kind to all of those around her, is fearless with her writing…willing to try new things and push herself…and is proud of what she has accomplished. Sophia is a proud Renegade and shows it!   Thank you, Sophia for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless.


Sophia N. is kind to her peers and asked to be seated next to a particular student in order to be able to help them on a daily basis. Not only is Sophia thoughtful in how she treats others, but also in the work that she produces. Her voice as a writer is clear and fearless… and because she holds such high standards for herself, she sometimes doesn’t realize how fantastic her work is and just how proud she should be.  Sophia has been a wonderful addition to the Hayes community. Thank you, Sophia for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!

October Students Of The Month

JaredJared is a quiet leader who shows initiative and asks powerful questions.  He is focused and consistent. He has tackled the challenge of learning a new instrument in Songcrafting commendably. Jared is a force for good in every classroom and does his part to keep the class moving in the right direction. Jared is thoughtful regarding others as well as when presented with a question or assignment; he takes time to think & respond. Thank you, Jared for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!


Maggie has high expectations of herself and works to meet those expectations every day. She works very hard to make sure to keep all assignments up to date and ask questions when she doesn’t understand.  She is courteous and seems to have a strong internal motivation to do well. She is also empathetic and notices when other students are struggling. Thank you, Maggie for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless!

Renegade Pride

"To be a Renegade is to be fearless and dare to be different."

"The longer classes let me get work done efficiently."

"When I asked my son why he likes school this year, he said it is because he is treated as an individual."

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come will always be welcomed here."

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