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Weekly Renegade Life During Covid

We want to stay connected with our Kind, Proud, and Fearless Renegades during this time apart so we’ve gathered messages from HFHS staff & students and will feature a few new each Monday. Our hope is to lift spirits by keeping in touch with each other – getting to know what kinds of things we’re doing for fun, if we’re learning anything new, how we find joy in these difficult days.

Please send an email with your thoughts for the Renegade community if you’d like to be included!  We would love to hear from you.


Mr. Emmanuelli 5/18/20

I hope that you’re doing well during this extended odd time. For all of you whom have heard me say that I need to eat healthy and workout… I finally have been able to keep it up for a while. To be honest there have been more slips than I would’ve wanted, but I’m getting there. One little bit at a time, right? The important thing is to keep on going! Like the saying goes, it’s not about how many times you’ve fallen, it’s how many times you’ve gotten up afterwards that count!

My cat, Sombra has been super spoiled with love ever since #stayathome began, which we will regret when things calm down but definitely have been awesome! Now I’m trying to finish watching Avatar, the Last Air Bender (the series, not the movie, which is highly unrecommended) and keep up with work, the house and the family.

I also wanted to share something with this beautiful community of HFHS:

Almost two years ago I came to the Pacific North West eager to continue to grow as a teacher with new experiences in other school districts. As I tried to be a teacher in Oregon, it seems the Universe had other plans for me. During my second year at PNW I received one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had as a teacher, a science teacher opportunity with the Camas School District at Hayes Freedom High School. Words cannot even begin to describe the wonderful team of staff and students I was about to work with. Once more, life has decided it is time for me to move on and keep on the adventure with my family, which sadly means I won’t be the science teacher at such a great school for the next school year. It is with a heavy heart that I say farewell and wish every single one of you a great and successful future. Do not hesitate to reach out if you ever feel the need, you will always have a friend here! En tan sólo un año siento que me he convertido en un Renegado más, ¡los llevaré siempre en mi corazón!

Mr. E


Keefe’s Notes 4/27/20

Greetings from Portland! During isolation, I have become a better dog-father and a much better chef! While I have a long way to go to master the culinary arts, I have the tasting and the eating parts dialed in. Regardless, isolation life is isolation life. I miss the feel of the world, the early mornings at the coffee shop, and the excitement of rolling into our building to begin the grind. Before all this, I would’ve fancied myself rather reclusive. Getting a heavy dose of that has made me realize how much I need our community. So, if you are like me and you are struggling to understand this world without connections, you are not alone. And as much as eating tubs of ice cream and binging on Netflix brings me a temporary reprieve from this reality, I have enjoyed building better habits while spending some time intentionally working on myself. Here are some things that I have been binging. Be well, Renegades.



-Wish You Were Here (1975 Album) by Pink Floyd

-MTV Unplugged in New York (1994 Album) by Nirvana

-Damn the Torpedoes (1979 Album) by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


-Parasite (2019)

-I Am Legend (2007)

-Free Solo (2018)


Movies and Other Things by Shea Serrano

Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest by Hanif Abdurraqib

Because Internet by Gretchen McColloch


-ER (Season 1) 

-The Last Dance (Episodes 1-3)

Video Games:

-Hollow Knight


Wakeman’s Notes 4/27/20

I’ve been wiping yogurt off my kids, blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk. Some sewing of masks in between the band aids for scraped knees and books on the couch. I work while they sleep in a little closet I made cozy with some Christmas lights. I have gotten up before them in the morning 3 times to exercise, which is a huge accomplishment! Seasonal allergies are no joke, so I’ve used up all the tissue boxes in the house and was very thankful to find some more at the store. We water the plants in our garden, which turns into mud pies, which turns into bubble bath time, which turns plopping then on the couch in front of “If I were an Animal” while I make dinner. I stay connected to family and friends on screens and with letters and packages through the mail. I hope I will get to see my parents and brother on the East coast this summer, but who knows what will happen. For now I just hug my husband and kids every day, and dream up art projects to do in my little closet space.

Spencer’s Notes from Isolation 4/20/20:

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix (as much funny as possible) & PBS (Call the Midwife for crying needs) and cooking more, though wearing the same basic outfit every day (if not just pajamas or sweats).

I have also been reading like crazy – I finished 3 books that I started last year and enjoyed about 8 more in print, plus 3 audiobooks. But I miss getting to see everyone in the halls and dropping in to ask me for recommendations or actually check something out. Please make sure you’ve joined the Renegade Library Classroom (code: jujldnn) so we can discuss books & poetry and other interesting life things. 

Take care out there. ~ Mrs. Spencer

Mr. Johnson’s Notes 4/20/20:

I’ve been working on my yard…battling moles and squirrels.  My lawn is green for the moment!  While keeping the grass trim and the weeds at bay, I’ve decided to let my beard grow out … I’m hoping to look like Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway.  WILSON!  For the house, I installed a house fan that’s been on my to-do list for over 10 years. 

For my screen time, I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 3 and Fallout New Vegas.  Fun Fact (that I didn’t know before KH3) – the kingdom in Tangled is called Corona.  Weird.  Of course, I’ve been walking around catching Pokémon … gotta catch ‘em all!  If you see me out there, yell “hi” from 6’ away.  I hope to see you all soon! ~ Kelly


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