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Senior Spotlight

Welcome to our Senior Spotlight page.  This is designed to showcase some seniors each week!  We are so proud of our senior Renegades that model our ” Kind Proud Fearless” motto each day!  Congratulations to the class of 2021!


Callie says her favorite memory of high school is getting to go to all the high school football games.  She wants to tell freshman to “be confident in yourself.”  She has never traveled outside the country, but that is on her bucket list! Callie has been in the Running Start program and plans on finishing up her AA at home then hopefully go off to either WSU or Gonzaga.  She would like to get a degree in business, then attend Gonzaga’s law school to become a lawyer.  In her spare time she likes to play volleyball.  She said losing touch with lots of people and not getting to experience a normal senior year has been a struggle for her during COVID.






Milla (not pictured) said her favorite memory is switching to Hayes Freedom.  Her advice is, “don’t be scared to be yourself. If you like what you do, don’t let the wish to be someone else turn you into something you’re not.” An interesting fact about Milla is that she is an animator.  She plans to attend college at PNCA and major in animated arts.  Her biggest struggle during COVID has been “figuring out myself and trying to do the things I want to do.  It’s been a chaotic mess, but now I feel like I know what I want and I am excited and confident about the future”!  She enjoys drawing and spending time with her family in her spare time.


Madison (not pictured) is not set on what she wants to do with her future, but at this time plans on staying home, working and saving money until she has a set plan.  The hardest thing for her during covid has been staying on top of her school work.  She enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching movies on her downtime.  Her favorite memories from high school have been the football games.  She recommends to freshman, “DO NOT procrastinate and do every activity you can, football and basketball games, fundraisers, etc.”


Red’s advice to freshman is “don’t care about what others think about you, if you’re the “weird kid” embrace that. Trying to fit in will only bring you down.” Red would like to attend a 4 year college and get a bachelor’s in anthropology and eventually get a doctorate in the same field.  Red struggled with being around family all the time during COVID and like playing video game, painting, listening and play music with the time allows.




Lexi’s favorite high school memory is hanging out with friends and just being in high school in general.  You make so many memories it’s crazy.  Her advice to freshman is “do your work and don’t get behind. It is hard as heck to get caught up, although the teachers are with you through thick and thin. They will help you until you leave and they will help you even when you are graduated.  They treat you like family.”  After graduating she would like to be successful, travel the world and have a family of her own.  In her spare time she likes to read, dance, ride quads and horses as well as hang out with her friends.  Doing school has been the hardest thing for her during COVID.






Willow is unsure what path to take immediately after graduation, but plans on looking at jobs in the construction and carpentry field.  He likes to ride bikes with friends or himself and play games in his spare time. An interesting bit of information shared is that he adopts wolves from Wolf Haven.  He has a pack there of at least four.  His favorite memory about high school is making friends and being able to work with so many great people.  Biggest struggle during COVID has been not being able to be at school for most of the year.  Being at home makes it harder to focus.


Braden’s favorite memory during high school is playing freshman football.  He wants to tell the incoming freshman to “stay organized and keep up on work.” Something some people might not know about him is that he is an avid golfer and fisherman.  Based on that it will be no surprise to hear that in his free time he likes to golf, fish, hangout with friends, watch sports and travel.   Toughest thing for Braden during COVID was being bored and staying motivated.  After graduation he plans on going straight to work in commercial fishing.




Ryan’s favorite memory has been making friends and connection through fun classes like songcrafting, street law and communications.  Some advice he has for freshman is “manage your time wisely and take it pretty seriously because it will pay off later.” Ryan has been doing Running Start at Clark College and plans to finish up his AA next year then transfer to WSU Vancouver to major in finance.  A surprising bit of information on him is, he loves researching tech and mechanical things on the web which has helped him build his computer and fix his car. He enjoys playing guitar and video game with his friends.  Ryan has had a hard time staying motivated and entertained during Covid.



Seth likes to longboard, hang out with friends and play video games during his time outside of school.  He plans on going to some sort of trade school after graduation.  The hardest thing for him during COVID by far has been school.  His favorite memory is the friends he made in 9th grade.  Seth’s advice to freshman is “middle school is always the hardest, so don’t worry about high school”!




Collin says he has too many favorite memories to list.  That is a great experience to have!  His piece of advice is to “enjoy yourself”! During his spare time, Collin likes to play video games.  He shares that people might be surprised to know that he has summited Mount St. Helens! He plans on taking a gap year after graduation and have a part time job, then figure out his future plan from there. 






Jason (not pictured) plans on attending college after graduation.  He enjoys doing research as well as hangout with friends and his girlfriend.  He loves football and says that might surprise some people.  His piece of advice to freshman is “don’t waste freshman year.” Jason said his biggest struggle during COVID was having to stay inside.


Sam gives the freshman the advice of “DO YOUR WORK”! “Trust me , it’s worth it in the end.”  She has many favorite memories about the laughter and support received from many teachers she mentioned, but also states making new friends and becoming more true to herself as important memories. After high school graduation she plans on becoming involved in her family business and they all plan on moving to Texas in the future with a plan of owning lots of land.  She works a lot, but in her spare time she likes hanging with her dogs and her parents. Pre-Covid she enjoyed bowling and going to the movies.  Many people don’t know that she used to be a dancer in her younger years. Her struggle during Covid has been being lazy and only doing the “bare minimum”, but is focusing on getting back on a normal sleeping schedule and her mood has improved overall.



Michael’s favorite memory is of time spent hanging out with friend and playing Uno with them at school.  He says “Don’t be scared to ask for help.” After graduating high school, Michael hopes to pursue some sort of higher education. Either college or something else.  In his spare time he enjoys playing video games almost exclusively with friends over the internet.




Hayley loves to cook and plans on pursuing this love after graduation by attending culinary school.  Her piece of advice to freshman is “good luck.” Her favorite memory of high school is building different relationships with her teachers.  Outside of school she enjoys relaxing and sleeping.  Haley struggled staying caught up and staying focused with school during COVID.






Nolan (Not pictured) says he has made lots of fond memories with his friends during high school.  He tells freshman, “Just do it! I don’t care what i is, just DO IT.”  A little piece of information that not many people know about Nolan is that  he is a junior black belt in mixed martial arts!  His plan after school is to get a job in the trades/construction industry, maybe framing.  He is not completely solid on exactly what job he wants to do yet.  In his spare time he “definitely” likes to play video games.



Haley (Not pictured) gives the advice of keeping focused, ask for help and “never stop reaching for your dreams.”  Her favorite memory is being able to attend Cascadia Tech and competing in SkillsUSA, as well as attending school with her older brother.  People might be surprised to know she is a mechanic and details cars on the side as a family business!  She is also an Auntie. She plans on attending Clark College’s Automotive Tech program.  It shouldn’t surprise you that in her spare time she loves working on cars.  She also enjoys time with her family and going on walks with her puppy.  Her biggest struggle during COVID has been staying focused and not being able to go to work in the shop and get greasy.



Connor will be attending Dodge City Community College in Dodge City Kansas on a scholarship for collegiate cheer. This school/team just won the NCA College tournament in Daytona, FL. The piece of advice he has is to “time manage yourself”. This will benefit you in college.  He does cheerleading music production and would love to become a choreographer as well as coach cheer teams.  He loves songwriting and plans on releasing some songs in the future. His favorite memory is the choir trip to Canada his freshman year. His biggest struggle during COVID has been keeping himself happy without his friends.  However, he has found out more about himself during this time and is thankful for that.



Colson’s favorite memory of high school is meeting so many different people.  He says choose your classes wisely.  A surprising fact he shared about himself is that he has only grown 3 inches since 6th grade.  In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends.  The toughest thing for him during COVID has been dealing with everything being closed.  Colson has been involved with Cascadia Tech and hopes to pursue a career in the construction industry after graduation.



DeAndre’ advice is “PAYYY attention and learn as much as possible, because school doesn’t last forever.” He says his favorite memory is yet to come, but it will be when he graduates! He thinks a surprising fact about himself is he actually likes school when it’s taught properly with a good teacher. The social distancing during COVID hasn’t caused him any issues. He honestly likes it.  DeAndre’ will be getting a job at a local LLC, starting at a pretty good wage and plans on working his way up.  In his spare time he enjoys going on drives, swimming, playing sports, video games and hanging out with his friends.



Taylor likes to study, play music and spend time with family and friends. He admits that during COVID he has struggled with staying motivated to write and practice his music.  Something that some people don’t know about him is that he used to be part of a band that played shows in Portland! His favorite memory is switching to Hayes, hanging around playing guitar after school and meeting lots of great people like David and Red.  His advice to freshman is not to “hype it up too much,  high school might take a little adjusting, but it’ll be easy for can do it.” Taylor will be attending Western Washington University in Bellingham and is excited to check out the north.



Gavin’s advice to freshman is to “try not to seclude yourself from other people and try to make good friends.” That explains his favorite memory of  being able to meet all the people he has during high school.  He plans on taking a year off school after graduation this spring and work. He eventually plans on attending school after he works for a bit. He like getting out of the house and being with friends which is why  not being able to see people has been a struggle during COVID.




Becca says her favorite memory of high school is the laugher shared with her friends and teachers. She plans on attending college to pursue becoming a high school history teacher. A piece of advice she has for freshman is “if you have questions, ask them!” The teachers are there to help. A little something we did not know about her is she received her junior black belt in karate when she was 11!  She also likes to read, write and crochet in her spare time.  Her biggest struggle during COVID has been staying optimistic, but she also feels lucky to have all her family healthy.




Annika plans on taking a gap year after graduation and hopes to do some traveling. She would like to visit the Netherlands, as she has lots of relatives from her dad’s side that lives there. She would like to attend Evergreen College and get an art degree.  She loves drawing in her spare time, especially character design, while also coming up with story lines for them. She also likes writing song lyrics. Some advice she has for others is, don’t be surprised if some friendships ebb and flow, “everyone is still going through immense change and figuring themselves out.” One of her struggles during Covid has been reaching out for help, which has made her feel overwhelmed at times. Her favorite memory is of her and Rowan hanging out in the computer lab the last day of freshman year, racing each other in the wheely chairs.



Anya (Not pictured) likes spending time outside being in nature.  She also enjoys playing with her Nintendo Switch, playing with her pets and drawing.  She would like to go to art school and get a degree.  Here preferred career would be to create her own comic someday.  Her words of advice for students deciding to come to Hayes versus another school, is not to be so concerned about that because “you’ll most definitely find at least one person to keep you company at Hayes.” Her challenge during Covid has been keeping up with work and the exhaustion of not going to school.  A memory she shared was playing a game in spanish class in which another team thought they had the upper hand to win the game, but she came up with a strategy to block their final attempt to buy all the ingredients needed for a recipe, leaving her feeling very victorious! 


Elena would like to attend college on the west coast, but is open to traveling further away.  In her spare time she enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her friends and family.  She shared that she is surprisingly “okay” at playing the piano. The hardest thing about COVID has been “feeling far away” from a lot of her family and friends.  She recommends to make a connection with someone, teacher or student, that you don’t really know at Hayes. “Creating a bond with someone especially at Hayes really sticks with you for a long time, if not the rest of your life.” One of her favorite memories was walking into science and seeing Mrs. Lorch with a snake hanging around her neck! She feels the visual of this represents what Hayes is about…individualism.  It is very important to this school.


Axel enjoys playing minecraft and hanging out with his dogs and talking with people.  He plans on heading straight to college and would like to have a company that uses zeppelins to replace cargo ships.  He mentioned that he would also like to live in a fancy zeppelin the the sky one day!  It has been hard to stay self-disciplined during Covid.  He says be sure to “speak your mind”.  He has really enjoy just having fun talking to people at Hayes.

Renegade Pride

"To be a Renegade is to be fearless and dare to be different."

"The longer classes let me get work done efficiently."

"When I asked my son why he likes school this year, he said it is because he is treated as an individual."

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come will always be welcomed here."

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