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Activities & Athletics

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Students who actively participate in school programs generally do better academically, feel more connected to the school, and often earn special recognition, honors, and scholarships. Being involved is a great way to meet people, learn something new, and have something fun to do. If you want to know how to get into an activity, ask a friend, counselor, or other staff member. Get involved!


Students participating in after-school events must be in attendance all day to qualify for participation in that day’s activity. Students who miss school during the day because of illness, suspension of any kind, parent request, or unexcused absences are not allowed to participate in after-school activities. Exceptions may be made for family bereavement, or true emergencies, medical/dental appointments, legal appointments, and school-related activities.


Participants must travel to and from events via school-provided transportation. Students who ride school-provided buses to away events as spectators must return on the buses. The exception would be those participants/ students who have permission from the coach/advisor to return with their own parents. Head coaches/advisors need to make personal contact with parent when a participant/spectator requests to ride to or from an event with the parent. The only time a participant/spectator would be allowed to ride with a parent other than his/her own would be if there was explicit written permission given by a building administrator.


The ASB Student Congress consists of the ASB officers, advocacy representatives, and club representatives. Mrs. Winkley acts as the ASB advisor. The Congress handles matters pertinent to school activities. The Congress meets monthly during the school year. Meeting times rotate throughout the day. The student government officers and class officers are elected in the spring for the following year.


A variety of clubs and groups are active at Hayes Freedom High School. Students should check the daily and weekly bulletins for meeting times and places. All students are encouraged to participate. All students who choose to participate in extracurricular activities must sign and abide by the Athletics/Activities Code of Conduct. A process exists for forming a new club; for details see the administrator.


Sports give the participant an opportunity to exercise his or her personal athletic ability, to promote team spirit, and to build a competitive attitude. All students choosing to participate in athletic activities must purchase an ASB card for CHS and must sign and abide by the Athletics/Activities Code of Conduct.

Use of, or possession of, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illicit drugs during the sports season shall result in suspension from the team as outlined in the Athletics/Activities Code of Conduct. Athletes involved in an unlawful act or incident that reflects negatively on the school will be subject to suspension from the team.

Academic Standards for Interscholastic Athletic Eligibility:

A student shall have passed 80% of the classes in which the student is enrolled with a 2.0 GPA in the immediately preceding grading period in order to be eligible for competition during the quarter.

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"To be a Renegade is to be fearless and dare to be different."

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"When I asked my son why he likes school this year, he said it is because he is treated as an individual."

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come will always be welcomed here."

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