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  • Earn 24 graduation credits
  • Pass all required classes
  • Complete and pass the Senior project (research paper, physical project, board presentation)
  • Each graduate must pass the Reading, Writing, Science and Math High School Proficiency Exams
  • Complete a High School and Beyond plan
  • Pass Washington State History (usually completed in middle school)


  1. English – 4 credits
  2. Science – 3 credits
  3. Math – 3 credits
  4. PE & Health – 2 credits
  5. Career & Technical – 1 credit
  6. United States History – 1 credit
  7. Contemporary World Issues – 1 credit
  8. World History – 1 credit
  9. Arts – 2 credits
  10. World Language – 2 credits
  11. Electives – 4 credits


Report cards, which reflect cumulative grading, are distributed eight times a year. Hayes uses the quarter grading system, which means the grades earned at the end of the first, second, third and fourth quarters are transcripted final grades. They represent the quality of work done by the student from the beginning to the end of the quarter. The quality of work plus participation in class are major factors in reaching a final grade.
As is required by district and state policy, at the beginning of the quarter each teacher shall prepare in writing and distribute his/her grading policy. The policy shall include use of participation points and the impact that tardies, absences, participation, and behavior have on grades.

Renegade Pride

"To be a Renegade is to be fearless and dare to be different."

"The longer classes let me get work done efficiently."

"When I asked my son why he likes school this year, he said it is because he is treated as an individual."

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come will always be welcomed here."

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