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Recycled Art Project

Make Art, Not Trash: Hayes students make art to educate about pervasive plastic pollution.

The “Make Art, Not Trash” public art project will be unveiled as a permanent installation at Hayes Freedom High School on Earth Day 2022. Conceived as a Camas Educational Foundation grant-funded project in early 2020, written by Hayes art teacher Miranda Wakeman, students have collaborated over the last two years to create an impressive triptych to send a message about the pervasiveness of plastic pollution. Environmental science classes learned about how plastics have made their way into animal and human food chains, with micro and nanoplastic now found widely in human stool and blood samples. The first phase of attention getting artwork design and creation is complete; phase two will involve more students creating infographics about the issues, and education about what people can do to help. The artwork will be unveiled on the hallway wall at 1pm on April 22nd, 2022. Plywood was generously donated by Mr. Plywood in Portland, laser cutting done by Bearded Boy Design, framing by Integration Workshop. For more information about this continuing project, contact

Click HERE to watch a video on the project.

Renegade Pride

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