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October Students of the Month

Oct Naomi



Naomi comes every day with willingness as well as determination to not just finish her work, but also learn the material. She is continually positive and kind to others, and always has a welcoming smile.  Naomi is a welcome addition to the Ethics Bowl team.  She takes on new challenges without complaint, thinks deeply and makes insightful connections.  Thank you, Naomi for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless.




Oct AndrewAndrew is thoughtful and purposeful in all he does.  He has excellent attendance, asks mindful questions, stays on task, and holds himself to high standards.   Andrew is polite, kind, and thoughtful to all. He is a talented artist, writer, and deep thinker who has a passion for learning.  Thank you, Andrew for being Kind, Proud, and Fearless. 
You are an excellent addition to Hayes Freedom!

Renegade Pride

"To be a Renegade is to be fearless and dare to be different."

"The longer classes let me get work done efficiently."

"When I asked my son why he likes school this year, he said it is because he is treated as an individual."

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come will always be welcomed here."

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