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Energy Star Certified
Dorothy Fox Elementary School is a member of the District’s Energy Star family. Fox earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.


Fox Movie Night a Successful Production!

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Thank you PTA for organizing a really fun night for the Fox Family.  Mr. Peabody and Sherman entertained us and the first 100 kids got movie glasses to get into the spirit!


All Fox students encouraged to participate in the Foxy Reader Program!

The only way to become a better reader is to READ & READ & READ!  Dorothy Fox students are expected to read at home every night.  Can read to self, on Razkids, or with someone else.  All minutes count!  Our students are encouraged to log these minutes on the Foxy Reader Calendar and turn this form in every month.  Each month earns the students a ticket to spend at the Foxy Depot!

January 2014 Foxy Reader

Click here to download a copy of the form. January 2014 Foxy Reader

Special thanks to parents Kerry Ticknor, Autumn France, and Michelle Bell for putting this new reward program in place to benefit all kids and their improvement in reading.  This program is sponsored through the school points earned from our yearly Scholastic PTA Bookfairs. 


Nonfiction Author Visits Dorothy Fox Students

Kelly Milner HallsOur PTA brought the wonderful, weird world of science to Dorothy Fox through a visit by nonfiction author Kelly Milner Halls.  Kids were inspired by her stories as she shared about her research of things that interest her including dinosaurs, hero animals, Sasquatch, and cool careers in science.  Her book “Tales of the Cryptids” has been a favorite book in the Fox Library for many years.

Each grade level got a small group session with the author where she answered questions and talked about the writing process.  Students benefitted from hearing about how many drafts it takes to write a book and how reading need to be critical consumers of information.  Kelly shared how as a nonfiction writer she has to research information for herself and she had made a career of following her interest in weird things.  After her visit, many students spoke about how they could grow to be a professional author someday.

Fox PTA fundraisers provide all classrooms with Visual Timers

Timer TimerThank you to fundraisers facilitated by our PTA, all learning spaces at Fox have new visual timers to help students with their executive functioning skills at school.  In collaboration with staff training that our teachers had in the fall, we know that visual timers allow students to “see” the movement of time to help students manage their time and focus on tests, projects, and assignments, as well as support them with planning for the remaining amount of time before they have to transition (move on) to something else.

We are grateful for the continued support of our parents and Camas community.  We can better meet our mission for all students when we have effective tools to use with teaching and learning.

2nd Annual Fox Beautification Day a Success!

Thank you to the many students, parents, teachers, and caregivers who gave their personal time on Saturday, August 25 for this day of service.  We had 31 people from the ages of 5 to 55 help make the school look great!  Weeding, trimming, and pruning took place in all of the front flower beds, garbage was picked up, and soccer goal posts were painted.  Some families were brand new to the school.  It was great to meet new friends and connect with new families.  In the end, the district helped with new bark dust.  The end result…Dorothy Fox Looks GREAT!  What a source of pride for our whole community.

Thank you Camden, Wes, David, Julie, Maria, Sreeti, Nancie, Lee, Rahul, Achal, Stephanie, Shalu, Kerry, John, Sheri, Liam, Deven. Jennifer, Lauren, Carter, Carson, Sarah, Abby, Judah, Sean, Vani, Dipesh, Sagun, Topher, Sage, Bright, & Cathy!